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    [SOLVED] [Verilog] Data is not transferred from one register to another

    Hi, I have instantiated a stopwatch module into this multiplexer module. The stopwatch is working as it is supposed to and is producing the expected output. This is also picked up by the instantiated registers, but if I want to use this data further down the module, it does not work. For...
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    Testbench giving unknown (x) on output

    Hi, so i want to make a simple code to make an LED blink. here is the code I have module led_glow( input clock, output led ); reg [5:0]count; always @ (posedge clock) begin count <= count+1; end wire [3:0]PWM_in; assign PWM_in = count[5]?count[4:1] : ~count[4:1]; reg...
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    Some basic questions regarding the attached code

    Hi, Im learning Verilog by example from Chu's book.. so have a few basic questions.. this code is for a simple counter: module univ-bin-counter #(parameter N=8) ( input wire clk, reset, input wire syn-clr , load, en, up, input wire [N-1:O] d, output wire max-tick...
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    how to create a kernel of 3 matrices in opencv?

    how to combine 3 matrices into 1 in C++ or opencv Hello, im working with opencv and image processing.. ive converted 3 images to 1 row and n column matrix.. now i want to combine these 3 matrices into a combined matrix which will be 3*n.. any idea how to do it? thank you
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    Making sense of this image to array code

    I want to convert an image to a character array, I was able to find this code: void main() { fstream image; image.open("C:\\pic.bmp", std::ios_base::binary); //open pic in binary mode image.seekg (0, ios::end); //count from end of file to beginning int n = image.tellg(); //store current...
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    Go to start after interrupt?

    I understand that when an interrupt occurs the micro controller returns to where it left from.. but my interrupt consists of a stop switch, i.e. after the iterrupt I want it to stop everything.. my code consists of running a motor in a while(1) loop.. after the hardware interrupt is pressed it...
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    Ideas for connecting to analog input of PIC

    Hello, I have written the code for it and now I want to actually make it work. Its used to test or check resistance, and i am using a pic with analog input.. I was just wondering how to make that possible? I know that I can drive a constant, known current through the resistor and then how do...
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    Understanding timer interrupt

    Im trying to write code so that when timer0 reaches zero it check port b if any button is pressed, it should do this every 5 ms.. but im having confusions in this I was reading up on timers and found this code in a book: #include<system.h> void config(void); void interrupt(void); unsigned...
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    Anyone here from Orcad Exchange yahoo group?

    Hello, Ive mailed the owner more than a couple days back but got no response, Basically I need the orcad schematic for PIC16F877 (28 pin) looks like the owner is away or busy, anyone from there, can you please pick it up from the files section and attach it here. Would help me lots. Thanks...
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    ADC Not Working (Using PIC 16F877)

    Hello, Ive read the data sheet of PIC 16F877 and coded my microcontroller accordingly, but it does not appear to work. I am using sourceboost as my compliler. Here is my code: #include <system.h> unsigned char adcconv(void); unsigned char inbyte; void config(void); void main(void) {...
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    Interfacing LCD to PIC Microcontroller (PIC16F877)

    Hello, Ive been reading up on how to interface an LCD to a pic for a few days now but am still quite confused.. I read from this link: LCD Tutorial for interfacing with Microcontrollers: Introduction : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes but he is...
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    verilog for simple timer?

    Can anyone here give me the verilog code for a simple timer which generates a continous stream of interrupt pulses at intervals determined by a parameter abd each pulse should last 4 clock cycles. I got most of it done but it lasting for 4 clock cycles i dont know how to do. Thanks
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    My first verilog module.. is messed up.. :(

    Hello, Im new to verilog and am learning it myself.. What im trying to do is to create a simple system, a part of it is an irq timer module... its supposed to generate a pulse determined by a parameter and each pulse should last for 4 clock cycles. here is what i worte (its my first verilog...

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