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    [SOLVED] can't delete hard disk

    I know it and this is the problem as mention in the link at microsoft you sent Option 1: Using the Windows interface: I did: Computer Management (Local) > Storage > Disk Management, Right-click the dynamic volume you want to delete, and then click Delete Volume the problem: the "delete volume"...
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    [SOLVED] can't delete hard disk

    Yes, I want to delete all 3 of them (that are united in one volume)
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    [SOLVED] can't delete hard disk

    Hello I can't delete hard disk In "disk management" I am on the disk I want to delete with right click I see all options and the "delete" option is not active (gray color) note: * It is a striped hard disk that is one hard disk from 3 actual hard disks * the disk is totally empty Arie

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