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    DDR3 hardware circuit design

    Hi Friends, currently i am designing an 64 bit DDR3 with fly by topology. for address and command i have 47ohm far end termination. do we need any termination for clock pairs. also if you have any specific hardware guidelines please let me know other than layout guidelines. Thanks
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    Soild vias connection VS Via connection with thermal spokes

    Hi, I am designing the PCB board with high current carrying load,for that i am planning to put copper shape in all 4 layers with stitching vias. For vias connection which option will be better one ,either full solid connection or spokes? FYI:Here there will be more heat generated, due to high...
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    How to create menu in allegro using skill

    Hi, How to create menu in allegro using skill. EX:in setup we have some commands.in that setup menu bar i want add "More grid" in that we need to create 1 mil grid,5mil grid and 10 mil grid tabs like that please help me
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    allegro brd file and orcad capture interlink

    hi, i am using allegro 16.5 .please tell me how to interlink orcad schematic and allegro brd
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    How to add xnet constraint in Allegro 16.5?

    hi, please tell me how to add xnet constraint constraint in allegro 16.5. there is no option like allegro 16.3 for assingning xnet in 16.5
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    AC coupling cap in pcb

    hi, please tell me why we are using ac coupling caps in pcb design? in my board have USB and device(Bga) in this i am using ac coupling for Transmitter signals alone not for Receiver signals please tell me whats reason behind? also why we need to place those AC coupling caps close to device?
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    defining shortcut keys

    hi all, please tell me how to define shortcut keys in allegro?if i define using alias means once i closed the file that will not work can you tell me how to do that.
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    How to swap the parts in altium 9.0 like Allegro?

    hi, please tell me how to swap the parts in altium 9.0 like allegro.
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    regarding defining aliases

    hi, 1.Use the default aliases. 2.Define temporary aliases for an individual work session by typing alias and the arguments at the console window prompt. 3.Establish aliases in a local environment file that remain in effect at every login until you change the environment file. Hi please...
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    how to load skill in allegro 16.3

    hi, i have one skill program but i don't know how to load in allegro 16.3. where i want place that skill like that skill.please give your suggestion
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    Redifine alises and function keys in allegro

    hi, is it possible to Redifine aliases and function keys in allegro16.3.plz explain
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    Area constraint in altium

    hi, is it possible to put area constraint in altium like allegro? if u know that means please tell me..
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    how to set copper to copper in altium 6.0?

    hi, i had drawn planes as polygons but i need to set drc values for shape tp shape please help me..
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    how to take length report from altium

    hi, please tell me how to get the net length report for all the nets from the brd file in altium6.0?
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    plane setting in altium

    where i can set plane layer as negative or positive like allegro in altium 6.0?
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    split plane in altium

    hi, can u tell me how to create splitplane in altium?
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    differential pair length matching in altium

    In altium 6.0 how i will set the min and max length like allegro.

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