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    Layout view of a sample UMC 130nm Standard Cell (Preferably from Faraday)

    Hi, I am planning to do some custom digital cells which I want to use in auto place and route along with the Faraday Standard cell library. I have got some idea from the document "FSC0G_D_Library_PR_Layout_Guide_v1.0.pdf"(attached) for 130nm standard cell place and route. It will be very helpful...
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    How to run system commands like copy or move in ocean script

    I want to know how to run system commands like copy or move in ocean script. I see some system commands "ls" working in ocean too. But "mv" or "cp" don't work out. Is it possible to pass the normal system commands in ocean script itself? Eg. in perl scripting language we use the system() command...
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    How to simulating multiple netlists in a single ocean script

    Hi, I want to systematically add few stuff to my circuit and then obtain the result from it by running a single ocean script. In my case I want to add two more inverter in each subsequent netlist to study the effect of tapping from delayed stages. But when I run the simulation by adding multiple...
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    DDR/DDR2 Tutorial at Jedex needed

    Hi, I found a lot of references to this tutorial http://www.jedex.org/program/program.htm#ddrtutorial on DDR 1, 2, & 3 held at Jedex, San Jose 2006, April 18. Here is the abstract http://www.jedex.org/images/pdf/DDR%20tutorial%20promo2.pdf I want the full pdf of the presentation. If anybody...
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    Passing model file as a string parameter in cadence ocean sc

    Hi, I want to do a corner analysis along with several other variable parameters for my design. At present the line specifying the model file looks like this... modelFile( '("/home/pratap/cadence/foundry_data/umc13mmrf/../Models/Spectre/ L130E_HS12_V241.lib.scs" "ss") ) All I need to change...
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    Installation prob. while installing s/ws requiring download

    Hi, I am facing problem on my PC while Installation prob. while installing software those require internal download for their installation. E.g. google video chat plugin, real player, yahoo messenger. Even though I am connected to net and can download files from internet these downloads are not...
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    error while running cadence in linux from Cygwin X Server

    cygwin cadence Hi all, I am trying to login into linux from windows using "Cygwin" and run a software cadence (requires gui). But while running that the following error appears. Can anybody suggest a solution? Some other graphics programs are running successfully in that machine. Thanks in...
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    Loading of player part 'XinePart' failed.

    xinepart Hi all, I had installed the recent version of xine and it was installed without any error.But after that whenever I want to play any media file, it gives the following error. Loading of player part 'XinePart' failed. Details: All Video Drivers failed to initialize! Can anybody help...
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    Problem in automounting in Suse 11.0 for NTFS USB Hard disk.

    ntfs suse usb Hi! I had just installed the suse 11.0 in my system and it was initially detecting all the removable disks correctly automatically. After that I installed some packeges and then when I checked again with my portable USB hard disks then it doesn't allow me to read them...although...
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    How to read data from Virtex 2P board to PC ?

    Hi! Can anybody suggest how to read data from Virtex 2P board to PC ? I also want to write some data to some specific addresses...and then read it to PC... How can I write into the Hard disk and how can I download the data stored in those files into our PC? Thanks in advance:D
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    how to exchange variables between c, perl and shell scripts?

    Hi! Can anybody tell how can I exchange variables between c, perl and shell scripts? For example say I have a code in C (test_return.c) as: #include<stdio.h> int main() { x=5; return x; } Now I want to access the value of variable x in the shell script.How can I do that? In the shell script...
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    serial communication between two PCs

    serial communication between two computers Hi! I want to do a serial communication between a PC and an Oscilloscope with Windows in it.It has also got a serial port. Can anybody help me on how to do that in C/C++/Perl/VB? I would appreciate if a working code is explained as an example. Thanks...
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    How to know which program is accessing a perticular file

    Hi! I have many times faced this problem in Windows.... Even while safely removing the pendrive I face the same problem many times... I always wonder which program accesses the file... Is there any easy way by which we can know exactly which program is using a certain file? Thanks in...
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    Errors while booting in Windows XP.

    Hi! I had installed Vista loader in my Windows XP machine and after that I felt it was making my system slower so I uninstalled it.But the following problems are appearing after that. After that the floppy disk is accessed multiple times ...then the XP starts to boot and it halts for some...
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    Problem in installing Office 07

    office.en-us dwtrig20.exe Hi during installing Office 07 I am facing the following error.It worked for me earlier...but now it is not working.:cry: Setup cannot find office.en-us/dwtrig20.exe... while installing microsoft office 2007, i got a window: setup cannot find...
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    commands to redirect the web addresses in the address bar

    Hi Can anybody tell me the commands to redirect the web addresses in the address bar of the web browsers to run in the batch script.
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    How to automate web browsing in internet esplorer or mozilla

    Re: How to automate web browsing in internet esplorer or moz Hi! I want to give certain web addresses in the address bar of internet explorer and make entries into it from a text file serially after certain intervals.How can I do that in linux and dos? Thanks pd Added after 18 minutes: Hey...
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    Media players in suse 10.1

    download lame-3.97-1.i586 Hi all, Actually I recently installed suse 10.1 in my system.I have installed almost every package in the dvd.But still I can't run any audio or video file.Sound and graphics are running fine.But although some programs get invoked in I click on the media files but they...
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    How to run a matlab program in shell programmming?

    matlab in a shell Hi . I am using cygwin for linux interface in windows.Actually I want this.I have a matlab program which produces some files.Those files are needed by another C++ program to produce the final result.How can I do the whole proces through shell programming in a single file run...
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    How to run Kyle(latex tool) on windows?

    kyle latex Hi I have cygwin installed in my windows PC.Can I run kyle on it as I run many other linux based softwares e.g. nedit,java, tec ?If yes where from I can get the software for that? Thanks, pd

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