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    Wireshark and Bluetooth Device

    Hi Has anyone used wireshark before in order to view the data packets whizzing between the computer/laptop and the Bluetooth device? If so, I am facing a problem with that wireshark as it is not recognizing the Bluetooth device... I'm positive on the fact that the Bluetooth device works, as i...
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    Communicating to a device via Bluetooth in Labview

    Hi all, has any one tried Communicating to a device via Bluetooth in Labview? If so what are the approach? any .vi that I could start with? Thank you
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    .edf file in Labview

    Dear all, open, read and view an .edf file in Labview Any hints, suggestions, vi template - would greatly be appreciated. Cheers
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    Advantages of AWGN channel model

    Hi all what are the advantages of AWGN channel model? and what are its main properties for it getting very popular? Thanks
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    Clarification on this image

    Hi all, can you please let me know what is this image ( ) usually refered to as? It is related to OFDM.... What does it represent? and what are the labels on the axes? Thanks
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    OFDM orthogonality using IFFT/FFT

    Hi everyone. Just a question.. How does IFFT and FFT help obtaining and maintaining the orthogonality between the ofdm symbols? Thanks
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    What is the ISI channel?

    hello all what is ISI channel? is it the channel that has been affected by the ISI or such inteferences? thanks
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    noise modelling using its pdf?

    will i be able to model a noise using its pdf? thanks
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    modulation - convolutional channel encoding

    Dear all. I have a question regarding the different modulation type and their relationship with the convolutional channel encoding.. why does the lower order modulation formats (BPSK ...) have their BER graph more towards the lower Eb/No (dB) compared to higher order modulation formats e.g...
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    Automated Metering Infrastructure

    Hi all - Could some one kindly explain to me what are these AMI used for? - What modulation type do they use? and any other things that have similarities to communication techniques such as OFDM. Many thanks
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    frequency selective channels

    What is a frequency selective channel in lame man language? and is the power line environment a frequency selective environment (channel)? thanks
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    do ASK and FSK used for OFDM?

    i have seen alot of ofdm modem based on psk modulation.. but havent seen any fsk or ask.. is there any reason or advantage that psk has over the other 2. thanks
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    creating a powerline channel in matlab

    hello all How can i create. a powerline channel in matlab? I know i will probably need to use some types of noise like: Periodic impulsive noise Narrow band noise, Periodic impulsive noise synchronous Asynchronous impulsive noise, etc.. but i have no idea how to start modeling these in...
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    power line noise questions

    hello all I am trying to write a code to simulate a power line noise.. does any one know anything about the power line noise? 1- the different types of them 2- their names 3- any mathematical equation that could guide me Thanks in advance
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    any papers - pdfs -ppt or links on relationship between conductivity and permeability

    Hello guys I would like to know if any of you have any papers, useful pdfs or links in which you think explains the relationship between the conductivity and permeability? Really appreciate your kindness thanks
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    Convolutional coding - how does the signal change?

    dear all, just a quick question... What exactly happens to the signal after going through the convolutional coding block? Many thanks in advance
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    converting simulink block-codes in MATLAB 2010a to Matlab codes? if not to C?

    Hello all, Is there any way of converting the block codes created in the simulink of MATLAB 2010-a into either matlab codes? or if possible to C? I belive some have done it with the older version of Matlab, so i want to know any of u have tried that ..if so how did u aproach? Thanks
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    should this generate square waves?

    dear all, 1- i have been trying to run and produce a square waves using blockset in matlab.. i have uploaded the block..is this correct? 2- what is the initial seed ? it seems to be required in every block.. thanks
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    communication blockset for OFDM

    Hello Has anyone tried creating an ofdm system by using a communication blockset? any information or help on it would be appriciated..thanks
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    Matlab to C conversion

    hello all, I have 2 questions regarding the conversion of matlab code to C ... 1 - Can the self written matlab codes be converted to c? or is the conversion only possible when simulink is used? 2- Can the MATLAB codes be put into a embedded DSP system? or does it necessary need to be in C ...

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