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    Wireless task taker device

    You can realize it by using a software radio. I don't know what part you are interested in (DSP, hardware design, wireless protocol, etc). But, look into GNU radio and USRP. GNU radio is open source software radio which run in Linux. USRP is hardware with FPGA, ADC and DAC. You can buy...
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    Trouble powering up this little led circuit in my truck.

    Voltage drop on each LED can be slightly different even though the LEDs are the same color (often LEDs with different color have different voltage drop). If they have different voltage drop. only one LED will lit up. Thus, each LED needs to have its own current limiting resistor.
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    LVDS signals and ground

    I don't think the daughter card should get power and ground from the motherboard, but it can. Can you elaborate your second question little bit?
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    Powering FPGA with 2 layer board?

    Thank you for your advice. But, the cost of PCB dictates in this design... It's for fun. :smile:
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    Powering FPGA with 2 layer board?

    shaiko, Thank you for your reply. I was afraid because 4 layer board was alot more expensive than 2 layer board. I wonder if there is anywhere i build it in good price? Thanks, Thomas
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    Powering FPGA with 2 layer board?

    Hi all, I want to build a simple circuit with a FPGA. I initially thought about building 4 layer board, but later learned that it would be very expensive. The FPGA I want to use requires 3 voltage rails... I wonder if it would be possible to be done in 2 layer board? The circuit will have 1)...
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    Choosing of MICRO CONTROLLER

    I've used 8-bit Atmel microcontroller before, it was easy to use and pretty cheap. It is based on Intel 8051 family. I used the one with 2x UART cores, but there are others with different peripherals such as I2C, I believe. Thomas

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