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    how to compare two data in 2s complement form?

    if the two numbers are positive, not any more to say! A>B is always right. but if both nagetive and neglecting the sign bit, then if A(binary) < B(binary) then A(2 comp)>B(2 comp) ie,101 and 110( the first 1 is the sign bit),then 01<10. so if 2 comp, 101 is -3 and 110 is -2;else binary...
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    what the command "set_clock_latency" models in DC?

    set_clock_latency in design compiler sorry but i wonder where to get the tool DC? what is its full name of DC?
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    help!how to creat my own IP core?

    own ip core what tools to be used except ISE for creating my own IP cores? why dosen't ISE6.3 have IP Capture??

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