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    which release version of linux have more future in EDA

    $releasever env linux As the Redhat no longer provide the personal version of LINUX, Which one have more future, debian,mandrake,suse or others? :?:
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    font problem of ic50 on RH8

    When I use the ic50 on RH8.0, there is a problem of font, when I use virtuso composer. here is the cds.log can any one help me to solve it. X Toolkit Warning: Name: textfield Class: XmTextField Character '\163' not supported in font. Discarded.
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    How to use ModelSim under Linux ?

    linux modelsim license what's the version of your modelsim
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    LINUX download links - many versions

    re throw out a brick to attract a jade!!!
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    how to download Free Red Hat Linux Operating System

    re if you are in china,you may try the site ftp.linuxforum.net, there is the mirror of redhat and other linux site

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