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    Looking for Microchip Sample Code

    Hi Thankyou guys for your replies. Sorry i was on vacation, i had changed a new programmer as in the previous one already not functioning.:D Well im designing a throughbeam sensor alarm by using microchip pic16f628 as my project this year, not farmilar with microchip and mplab. Any friend is...
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    Looking for Microchip Sample Code

    Hi, does anyone have sample code for PIC16F62X, the sample code from the software is not working. It always give me this message: To many serial time outs have occurred. Please Verify your serial connection and try programming again. I'm new to this does anyone can help?
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    Problems of Microchip Development Systems

    Dear all Anyone farmilar with MpLab Microchip IDE please help me. I was doing a project with MPLAB IDE v.6.30 and i'm new in it. Sorry about the previous post which i didnt mention clearly. The Programmer can be enabled. However when i program it into my microchip-PIC16LF628 i don't get a result...
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    Anyone Knows about MpLab please Help

    Im currently using Mplab IDE v6.30. Everytime i running my code with programmer PICSTART Plus and it will show me the message:Cannot Transmit. Please verify connection and retry the previous operation. I have confirm the connection with my com port and microchip pin 1. The problem is still...

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