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    What is the significance of time unit, time precision and time scale?

    Hi All, Can any body tell me what is the significance of timeunit and timeprecision and of timescale. Regard's Kunal Mishra
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    What is Glitch Suppression?

    Hi All, Can any body tell me that what is "Glitch Suppression". It's urjent. Regard's Kunal Mishra
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    Critical Timing Delays

    Hi All, Can any body tell me that how can i minimize Critical Timing Delays using ISE (Xilinx) tool. Regard's Kunal Mishra
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    How to choose suitable FPGA for a project?

    FPGA INFO Hi All, I am having a communication project and it has some filters in it. Can any body tell me that How do I came to know that which FPGA is suitable for my application. I will preffer XilinX FPGA. Regard's Kunal Mishra

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