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    How can i send "ok"to my Vb at comm 1?

    putrsusart null Just let you all know that i can get it all going already the LCD part also work properly..then now is time to thanks for all that helps...good day and happy always.. :o
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    How can i send "ok"to my Vb at comm 1?

    is there a send in vb Hello...there thanks for your reply..then the putrsUSART(),all will return null character right then how am i going to write the putc() by my own?is it by adding it the command like putc("ok") only?i tried doing that but it cant work,because now i am writting the c code...
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    How can i send "ok"to my Vb at comm 1?

    c18 putrsusart The problems now is that i cant really send the return 'ok' to my VB at comm 1 as an acknowledgement that the data sent from Vb has been recieved,so with this command putrsUSART((rom char*)"ok"); or, putrsUSART((rom char *)"ok\r"); The output of my board become ok[00] and not...

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