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    How to export gerber files(*.spl) in CADSTAR

    Thanks for the help of FvM & cyberrat!! In fact I have bypassed this problem for I don't have so much time..... But I would tried again to do it by reading the help files and tutorial documents as cyberrat said. uh..., you reminder me that asking help on google is not the only way. Thanks.
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    How to export gerber files(*.spl) in CADSTAR

    Hi, FvM Thank you for your help.. When I finished it I got several files (.spl) named by myself.Should I make a list that show which layer each file stands for and send them all together to the ones make PCBs?
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    How to export gerber files(*.spl) in CADSTAR

    geber spl file Is there anybody know how to export gerber files from pcb files in CADSTAR??? I tried and got only one gerber file(*.spl). Then someone viewed it by CAM350 then told me that I've made all things in one layer. Did I miss some setup?:cry:

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