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    Tracing connectivity in Primetime without an update timing

    I had a quick question about Synopsys Primetime (PT). I need to trace the connectivity of a design in PT *before* an update timing is done. If I call all_fanin, I think it will trigger an implicit update timing (bcoz all_fanin is documented to trace back the fan-in up to the start of a *timing...
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    StarRCXT: "noncritical material", pcells (parameterized cells)

    2 questions: 1) StarRCXT documentation talks about "noncritical material" in the context of skip cells, etc. What exactly is meant by "noncritical material/nets"? The doc doesnt seem to clarify this. 2) What exactly are "pcells" in StarRCXT (parameterized cells)? I read the user guide which...

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