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    division and modulo in synthesis

    Hi, How do I implement division and modulo operations if my synthesis tool doesn't support these. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks Senthil
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    multiplication without using * operator in verilog

    Hi, I got an interview question yesterday on multiplying a 10 bit number with a constant. Ex: a[9:0] * 24. The interviewer was expecting a answer without using the straightforward * operator. Can anyone throw me more light on how to do this multiplication without using * operator? Thanks Senthil
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    detecting number of 1's in a 8 bit data line

    Hi, Yesterday I got this design question in an interview. How do you detect the number of 1's in a 8 bit data line? There is a clock running. At each clock, the output should display the number of 1's(the count) in the data line. The interviewer expected me to design a hardware circuit at...

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