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  1. RachelAnne

    What should I do? (power insufficient inverter to transformer)

    I use TL494+IRF740 as the inverter to connect the transformer. The tube is very hot as soon as it is turned on. I add 20K to the G pole to adjust the current. The tube is not hot, but there is no power. What should I do now?
  2. RachelAnne

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  3. RachelAnne

    How many watts can do?

    How many watts can the maximum continuous power be achieved when IRF740 is used as the inverter's rear-stage 220V output? Can it last for 600W? This is a 12V to 220V inverter! No problem at the front stage, I just replaced it with four IRF740 tubes and repaired it! I want to bring a 580W little...
  4. RachelAnne

    Who can help me see what is going on with the output of this AD623?

    The pressure bridge on my left is a pressure sensor with four pins (1: NC. 2: Vsupply. 3: OUTPUT+. 4: GND). Pin 1 is floating, pin 2 is connected to 5V voltage, and pin 3 is connected to AD623 3 Pin (+In), pin 4 is grounded. Pin 2 (-In) and pin 4 (-Vs) of my AD623 are grounded, pin 7 (+Vs) is...
  5. RachelAnne

    Bandpass filter OP07CP help!

    The band-pass filter filter (0.05HZ~100HZ) made with OP07CP as the op amp, got a strange waveform as shown in the figure. What is the reason for this?

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