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  1. wavelet1208

    News:My Arabic language Led matrix driver board

    Sorry,a long time not update,but my Arabic language Led matrix driver board is going.pls wait a moment. character mode,just need send Arabic char,not dot matrix data.so easy!
  2. wavelet1208

    The LED matrix display enthusiasts,Can you show where you want to used?

    Usually,the matrix display is used to show message.Advertisement,signal...Maybe just to learn is possible. But i really want to know where you want to use?Can you talking about it?
  3. wavelet1208

    A good sample of Arduino diver 32x16 RGB LED Matrix,And about the module interface

    This sample from ladyada.net.thanks! Link:http://ladyada.net/products/rgbledmatrix/ Arduino very good,but i never use it.ladyada.net share a good sample for us.but here,i not talking more about this.I will talk about the LED matrix display module interface port pin define. This image is...
  4. wavelet1208

    Some very good Led matrix Schematic and Description

    1.First is from ftdichip.com,Thanks they give us a good project: preview some schemtic: you can link here to see full of this project:http://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Documents/AppNotes/AN_200_Vinculum-II_Scrolling_Text_Application_Using_LED_dot_matrix_display.pdf 2.This...
  5. wavelet1208

    Some common LED MATRIX Driver IC

    1.Macroblock MBI5026:16-bit constant current LED sink driver http://www.promelec.ru/UPLOAD/fck/file/MBI/MBI5026.pdf MBI5039:Enhanced 16-channel constant current. LED sink driver with smart error detection and current gain **broken link removed** 2.SILICON TOUCH TECHNOLOGY INC.(SITI) DM13A:16-bit...
  6. wavelet1208

    The type of LED Matrix display module

    OK,How many do you know about LED Matrix display module?if you know other,please share to here,Thank you! NOTICE: ALL OF THIS DATASHEET IS SEARCHED FROM INTERNET,NOT COMMERCIAL! And we just use to learn.here just a sample to show the type of matrix module. Dot matrix module...
  7. wavelet1208

    Introduce about the LED matrix display

    1.What is LED matrix display? The wikipedia said: An LED matrix or LED display is a large, low-resolution form of dot matrix display, useful both for industrial and commercial information displays as well as for hobbyist human–machine interfaces. It consists of a 2-D matrix of LEDs with...
  8. wavelet1208

    Share a 8 x 32 RGB LED Dot Matrix schemtaics!

    Some friend like the led matrix display.But It's difficulty to find a schemtaics.Now i show a schemtaics what is the RGB led matrix board,and i designed. It's under the GPL license. Some IC's datasheet: 74HC245:www.nxp.com/documents/data_sheet/74HC_HCT245.pdf...

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