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    Which is the best software for PCB design?

    best pcb doftware Expedition. Expedition. Expedition. better.
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    [p@werpcb]while verifing "connectivity",find such

    how to deal with it !!! I really need help ,Please help me . Thanks! thanks!! errors such as "(2310,3310 L1) subnet #1 of GND " "(3562,5895, L2) subnet #2 of VCC" ... ... ........ How to deal with it ?> May I ignore them ? May I ??????? thanks!
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    [P@werPcb] After "Flood", there are such errors, h

    pads+less than 50% thermal extensions May I ignore these errors ? If I ignore , what will happen ? what is the difference when "(2450.71, 3673.91) # = 0 ", and "(3424, 3016.23) # = 1 " ? Thanks !!very much!!!
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    [P@werPcb] After "Flood", there are such errors, h

    thermal relief errors report After "Flood Copper" operation , there are such errors, howto deal with it ?? --------------------------- I have no idea :cry: , and Need your help , Thanks !!! --------------------------- THERMAL RELIEF ERRORS REPORT -- XC_Final_V2_smallVia2.pcb -- Mon Oct 18...
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    powerpcb questions!!HELP?"Part name already used R9&quo

    part name already used The "ascii.err" contain following errors , how to solve them ? or where I may find the FAQ about powerpcb ? thank you !! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: I am warried now!!1 Part name already used R7 R7 RES-1/4W@R1/4W Part name already used R8 R8...
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    what is "PCB wire crossing" ? how to reduce it ?

    just the question, :o may you help me?! :cry: thanks :wink:
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    May I use pr@tel draw "*.SCH" and use p@werpcb dra

    "This generates 2 files, you need to merge them to the corect format", how to merge ? if I have not the third tools , may I let powerpcb know protel99se ' "*.sch "? thanks!
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    howto use cam350 to convert *.sch to the p@werpcb file?

    may I ? how to use CAM350 to convert *.sch which be drawn by pr@tel99se be read by p@werpcb?? and howto make "*.sch" file made by p@werpcb be known by protel99se? thanks! may I ?
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    May I use pr@tel draw "*.SCH" and use p@werpcb dra

    i use protell99se. but I dnot know howto convert .sch to the .pcb which can be known by powerpcb?! Please Please help me! thanks!
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    May I use pr@tel draw "*.SCH" and use p@werpcb dra

    may I ? :( if may , how to do it ? would you tell me the detail that how to do so ?? thanks a lot!! :wink:
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    "owerPCB library",where download?

    where may I download powerpcb besides "ww.ment@r.om" ? :wink: thank you very much! :arrow: :?:

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