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    Which cmos digital circuit is better for corner conditions?

    about pulse generator 3ns is a very narrow pulse.
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    decrease current consumption in BJT Op Amp

    the only way is reduce the mirror's current.using high gain stage .
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    what is the typical value of Mosfet?

    the length of a typical transistor.
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    Issues when drawing a RF mixer layout

    Mixer Layout I think is the paracitic capacitor&inductor .at high frequency, a lot of thing will be met.
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    How do I minmise the Vgs drop across the Mosfet?

    sooch cascode use a cascode structure,the different w/l& you can reduce the vgs.
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    Analog Design Automation: Neocircuit

    Analog Design Automation I just know there is a software can auto layout the analog circuit.it can layout the symmetric device that used to be by hand.
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    Does Window ME or Window XP support star hspice 2000.2?

    I think win2k is the most suitable system for simulate.
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    'CMOS IC LAYOUT' by Dan Clein ' please help with this.

    you can find it in the ebook download topic.
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    Schematic Entry Tools

    schematic entry tools how about syn's dc?
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    Most complete schematic entry tool list

    schematic entry tool I think cadence Ic5033&mentor' eldo is also the product.
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    Book about Layout design

    the art of layout is a suitable book for analog designer.
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    how to simulate the PSRR in transition simulation ?

    I want to know the PSRR is equal to ripple rejection?
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    Links to free layout tools

    free layout tool is L-EDIT free?I use it.
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    How to determine the gain of OPAMP

    I think it determined by the rate and bits of ADC.I also want to know how does a designer think of it.
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    Comparison of two stage opamp and folded cascode opamp.

    folded cascode operational amplifier architecture i think folded-cascode can provide more gain.but need more voltage supply.
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    From Layout into Design career: can it be done?

    i think you can do some work about design of yours,not for company.it just add some practice.
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    Is there any book or article about mixer design?

    search the IEEE chapter,maybe you can find it.
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    what is your favor drawing software?

    adobe illustrator block diagram I use Microsoft visio drawing my circuits.but I want to use Mentor's tools.

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