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    USART sim900 and Atmega32

    I want to interface sim900 with atmega via UART. I need only Tx,Rx and Gnd pin for interfacing it with atmega32....right?? and secondly how can I interface sim900 with PC....Do i need DTR,RTS etc pins also along with tx,rx,gnd?? Also I want to keep my GSM modem 'on' all the time....so when...
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    ADIS16362 interfacing problem with ATMega32

    Hi, I have interfaced ATMega32 MCU with ADIS16362. I am facing a problem. When I make CS low and start reading data in burst-out mode, it gives garbage values, but when CS is continuously high, I get correct values but after some time there is a garbage data (0xFFFF) from all the output...

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