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    How to import a picture in PCB environment as a conductor layer?

    pcb-picture Hi Search for bmptopcb freeware. This soft convert black and white picture in bitmap format to protel pcb format. CD:D look at this link : **broken link removed**
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    Companies which offer online free sample ordering

    maxim free samples Hi, The sample request on ONsemi website is not free today, you must pay shipment. CD:(
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    high speed linear optocoupler ! ??

    Hello, For linear response you can use iso100,iso122, iso121 from Texas (BB). Look at TI website. CD:)
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    high speed linear optocoupler ! ??

    Hello, Look at the farichild web site, they have the HSR412 CD:)
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    Clock generator 32kHz needed - as small as possible

    Hello, MAXIM semiconductor have DS32K. It gives a 32768 Hz signal, and it's temperature compensed. CD :)
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    Help me design a touch 4x4 keypad matrix

    Hello, Go on the www.qprox.com site, you can found circuit to make sensitive keyboard. I try this, and it's work good. CD :D

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