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    secure wireless transmission - error correction coding

    Error correction coding Hello folks, I have one question regarding secure wireless transmission. I am using 433 MHz RF communication for one of my project. I want to know how can i use error correction code for successful transmission of my data from Computer to Atmega8 (uC). I am using...
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    RF transmitter receiver question

    Hi, I want to transmit my command from Matlab (PC) to Atmega8 (uC) wirelessly. I have used On Shines TX and RX. For proper transmission i am first sending SYNC bits (number 55) then ADDR bits (address 44) -> DATA (my command, say 11 for now) -> CHKSUM (checksum ADDR+DATA) When atmega8 gets...
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    Basic RF transmitter question

    basic rf transmitter Hey guys, I am using On Shine's RF transmitter and receiver (433Mhz) for my project. I was testing the devices other day but couldnt get anything at the "out" of the receiver. I checked the antennea of the transmitter but the voltage is very very low and i dont think...
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    matlab rf- how can i send data from Matlab to Atmega8(uC)

    matlab rf Hello mates, I wanna ask that how can i send data from Matlab to Atmega8(uC) through serial port using RF transmitter and receiver. I want to know how can i encode the signal in matlab and decode it at the Atmega end? thanx

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