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    Control the RPM of a driller.

    Hi I want to control the RPM of my electric driller. The range is 40 to 3000 RPM, 220 volts, AC. What is the best circuit to this? Thanks in advance. P.D. sorry for my bad english.
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    Laser for cut Balsa wood

    Hi I read is possible cut Balsa Wood with Laser, somebody have details for this. Thanks in advance. bye
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    Microwave Office 2004

    Hi: Somebody have Microwave Office 2004 demo to donwload please. Thanks in advance. Bye
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    Optrex graphic lcd - DMF50375

    optrex e91964 Hi I have a optrex graphic lcd, with this numbers: DMF50375N POO-371112-A2 E91964 3134L OPTREX MADE IN JAPAN **broken link removed** I have looked for in optrex web and internet, but only found is an 120x60 graphic lcd. :| Thanks for any information on the matter Best Regards.
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    Looking for free Holtek programmer

    Hi I'm looking for free Holtek proggrammer, somebody have a diagram to share? Thanks
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    PIC + 433 MHz modules + assembler

    pic rf 433 Hi: I purchase transmitter and receiver modules 433 MHz, somebody have examples with Microchip PIC in assembler please. Thanks in advance.
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    How to connect JDM programmer to the parallel port

    Hi I need to conect a JDM programmer in the parallel port, i try with Ic-prog but only have the option with serial port. Is possible? Somobody knows what can i do? Other software? Thanks in advance.
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    Check my frequency meter design

    Hi I built this frecuencimeter, but the input stage is very simple, i can`t adjust for diferent values of Frecuency, have somebody a better diagram. Thanks in advance
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    Looking for diagrams of 433.92 MHz RF modules

    Hi Have somebody the diagram of a RF module of 433.92 MHz? Thanks
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    Infrared temperature sensor

    tp336 thermopile Hi I need same information about Infrared Temperature Sensor, codes for sensor, etc. Thanks in advance
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    PLL VCO Radio Receiver FM

    pll fm receiver vco Hi I want to build a radio receiver with pll and vco using a microcontroller like microchip, can somebody help me! Thanks in advance.

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