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    Protel DXP 2004 Fill Pad option...

    Hi, For gerber ouput you must have to choose: File -> Fabrication Outputs -> gerber files Follow instructions to generate gerber files. Be careful, generate gerber files don't generate drilling files !!! You must generate drilling files with: File -> Fabrication Outputs -> NC drills files CD:D
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    Protel DXP 2004 Fill Pad option...

    Hi, The drills are displayed with an option on the printing configuration. Select "holes" box on the printing configuration. CD:D
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    Looking for a free software that does gerber management

    autovue license expired Look at rds website; they explain how to use our license file!!! cd
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    Any Protel expert willing to help?

    Hi, Look at the altium web site you will found: Protel Training Manual Protel 2004 Training Manual (ZIP 7.5 MB) Training manual used in the 3-day Protel 2004 training course. Day 1 - environment, editors and projects Day 2 - design capture Day 3 - PCB design **broken link removed** cd
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    How to customize a schematic sheet in Protel DXP?

    Re: Protel DXP question Hi, first choose you sheet format ( A4, letter...) Draw your title block and place logo and look to the help to know about "special string" to complete your block ( name, date,...) Save your design as a template file. Place your design as default templte file in sheet...
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    Protel DXP 2004 service pack 3

    otel dxp 2004 sp3正式版 No, You must have SP2 before installing SP3. CD
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    Protel DXP..How to print a footprint library ?

    Hi, Premier EDA software had a soft for protel99sesp6 library viewing. but I don't if it's work with dxp. Try this link https://www.eda.co.uk/ CD:)
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    pcb draw of microchip icd1 pcb ready?

    Re: icd microchip draw Hello, I've already post it on the forum. Search with ICD on the forum CD:)
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    Convert Protel99 to pdf

    print from pcb in protel 99 Hello, You directly upload it in pdf format if you download the free pdf creator: PDFCRETAOR. CD:)
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    Klipper - Best BMP to PCB

    bmp2pcb download hello, I think it was for p*r*o*t*e*l D*X*P. CD:)
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    Pro**l D*P to MS Word ...

    Hello, Use the CTRL+C command. You must select the components you to copy. Use the CTRL+C to copy them, go to Word and use the CTRL+V command. Be careful with the "preferences" menu of the schematic editor, uncheck the box "copy with template". CD:)
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    SMD Soldering / Desoldering Tips Needed

    soldering desoldering smd Hello, For i used an ANTEX 17W soldering iron with 0,1mm pan. It's works well. I test an another solution with hot air soldering and soldering paste (very expensive). For that I used a gas soldering with hot air buse from ANTEX. The result feels good. It's amateur...

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