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    New to Microcontroller application-- help needed

    May be you can use LM35 Centigrade or LM34 Fahrenheit temperature sensor and for microcontroller pic12F675, 10 bit built in adc converter. As an language for pic programming , I recommend basic compiler, easy to use and for this proyect , i think you can get easy to realize. For basic editor ...
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    ± 14V swicth in 3V process with 3V vdd.

    Check this site , may be useful to you : http:// www.nomad.ee/micros/mc34063a/index.shtml you can use two ic , one for -B and other for +B sorry if I don't understand the concept of your question. regards-
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    PWMWizard: tool for configuring PWM

    pwmwizard Hi , Useful tool , good job !! Can you write a version for standard register setup like this ? PR2 = 00100000 ; T2CON = 00000101 ; CCPR1L = 00010000 ; CCP1CON = 00011100 Or may be you like share source code , I can code in delphi and make modifications for write new application...
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    What's the difference between an E-I core and toroid core?

    Re: Ferrite cores help Please , visit www.mag-inc.com/ From here you can download , allinfo that you need about differents magnetics materials and cores. good luck garfield
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    automotive reverse proximity alarm circuit

    proximity alarm circuit Hi, Klug Thanks you very much !! Garfield :wink:
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    automotive reverse proximity alarm circuit

    parking proximity alarm circuit Hello , I want to build a automotive alarm. When the vehicle reversing parking , sense the distance from another car or wall etc etc. I think in ultrasonic receiver transmitter or infrared distance measurement and microcontroller design. Anyone can...
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    Hp Scanner Ic hard to find datasheet AD80020JR

    Hello , I want to know if anyone have information about AD80020JR IC. I try to find In xxx.anaxxx.com , but I can't find datashet from this part. Thanks Garfield :roll:
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    Line selector for PAL video signal

    Hi , Maybe this application note for Lm1881 can help you. Good Luck.
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    powder cores for flyback transformer

    hi check this link may be help you **broken link removed** Good Luck :wink:
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    Need schematic of Sony FH-215R audio system

    Hello , Please , I want get schematics or info about FH-215R Old Sony combo audio system. Regards, Garfield :wink:
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    VideoProjector SONY Tri-Tubes P/N VPH1031QM

    sony vph-1031qm Hello , I have repaired a lot of this equipment in the past. The schematic of power supply not found in the service manual, only a poor block diagram. The power supply module figure as TK15. This procedure can be help you first of all disconnect the...
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    Motocyrcle TDI transistor replacing help

    etd32 transistor Hello , I need replace damaged transistor from old TDI Yamaha 1100 motocyrcle. The part labeled is ETD32 -835B 8N16 TO3 CASE. Please anyone can give me information or help about replcement part. Regards Garfield :wink:
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    usb to rj45 interface - information and schematics needed

    Hello , First of all thanks for reply my post . Solvarg : I want to get information about USB-to-Ethernet Interface Hmaier : Thank you for answer, ADM8513 is the solution that I need . Best regards Garfield :wink:
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    usb to rj45 interface - information and schematics needed

    usb to rj45 interface Hello, Somebody has information about USB to RJ45 interface. welcome information,schematics. Regards Garfield :)
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    video signal distributor needed

    video splitter Hello , This simple circuit maybe can help you. Regards Garfield 8)
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    t03 transistor Hello Please I need info about a ETD32-035B TO3 transistor , specifications , Regards Garfield :roll:
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    Hello , Somebody can share information about how to make a interface based on pic microcontroller to drive a hard disk. I want record B/W video to hard disk. Any information is appreciated. Regards Garfield :roll:
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    How to convert AC frequency ?

    Hello , Should keep in mind that most of the power inverters have square wave at the output , this is a problem with inductive loads. For example ac Motors and Transformers. check this link h**p://hobby_elec.piclist.com/e_ckt30.htm h**p://hobby_elec.piclist.com/e_ckt8.htm#3 Regards...
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    Links/tips about designing data loggers for temperature of -40 to 80

    Data logger Hello RTOS51 This link can help you h**p://www.rentron.com/four-channel-ad.htm h**p://www.rentron.com/Volt-Meter.htm Regards Garfield :o
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    Video isolator transformer

    Nandopg , Thanks for you answer! Really I needd a passive Video Isolator , the only way is design a very special transformer. Actually in the market exist very efficient types of this Isolators transformers ( humbuckers ), but the problem is the high cost. I needd this for eliminate ground...

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