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  1. kalbun

    [SOLVED] Ferrite core TKK SFT–59SN

    Hello, I hope this is the right forum to ask this. I am attempting to find the datasheet for the ferrite core SFT-59SN from TKK industries. It seems a rather popular item, according to the references found on the internet, but the datasheet is nowhere to be found. Does someone has it, or can at...
  2. kalbun

    Live + neutral + earth on PCB

    I am about to design a simple control board for an industrial equipment. To reduce the amount of cabling, the customer asks to have the earth connection on the PCB - along with live and neutral. If I remember correctly, there is a safety restriction which forbids having live+neutral+earth on...
  3. kalbun

    [SOLVED] Trimble RTK for centimetric GSP precision - how does it work?

    I am not sure this message has to do with microcontrollers, but I wasn't able to find an appropriate forum .:???: I am examining a Trimble GPS which, to obtain centimetric precision, relies on the "RTK system". This is NOT a differential GPS. I reckon it could be an inertial platform...
  4. kalbun

    Capacitance in parallel to VCO input on PLL loop filter

    In a 3rd order PLL loop filter, the last capacitor is put in parallel to the VCO input. But doing so, aren't we modifying the VCO frequency range? Or must this capacitor be taken into account at design stage? Maybe an RF engineer will consider this as an idiot's question, indeed RF is not my...
  5. kalbun

    [SOLVED] definition of bandgap in ADC

    Hello, I would like a definition of ADC's "bandgap". I understand this is one of the possible voltage references that can be supplied to an ADC - in particular those inside MPUs - but I wasn't able to find more detailed information.
  6. kalbun

    some suggestions for an RF PCB

    I am currently designing my first RF PCB (well, not the first exactly, let say the first serious RF PCB). I would like to ask a couple of suggestions. 1) The antenna path is 50 Ohm. According to microstrip calculation, the trace should be 3mm width for a standard FR-4 PCB with 1.6mm height...
  7. kalbun

    Filter opamp in IF demodulators

    Hello everyone, this is my first "new thread" to the forum :-) Please have a look at this datasheet: it's a typical IF demodulator - or at least I saw several ICs almost identical. The filter opamp has only two pins accessible from outside. The positive input is always drawn as "floating". I...

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