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    Reverse polarity protection circuit for negative voltage sources

    Dear Mr Crutschow, I tried as per your suggestion and got -12V on the DRAIN side by providing the SOURCE with -12V and connecting the GATE to ground through 56K resistor. As my ultimate aim is to open the circuit when the power is applied in reverse direction, I conducted it and got the below...
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    Reverse polarity protection circuit for negative voltage sources

    The input supply voltage of the above circuit is +5V. When I interchange the ground and Vcc lines in P16, the P-MOSFET will not be biased and the circuit becomes open. My current requirement is, to do the same setup (The circuit should be open) by using -5V as my voltage source. Will this...
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    Reverse polarity protection circuit for negative voltage sources

    Dear members, Please recommend me a simple MOSFET circuit or useful links to protect my load from reverse polarity inputs voltages. My Supply voltage : -12V/-5V. Supply current : 2.5A. Load to my circuit is an Op-amp (consumes around 100mA of current, but I need a circuit of around 2.5A for...
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    USB enumeration problem

    Please search for this datasheet.https://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/61126F.pdf In this datasheet, refer the steps mentioned in Chapter 27.5.1 USB engine needs exactly 48MHz clock signal for its proper operations. Regards, N Gopi
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    USB enumeration problem

    Hi chandu, This is the one more step i followed to communicate with full speed devices. As soon as I detect a J state (differential 1) while connecting the device, I clear a flag bit in one of the USB control registers to inform the Serial Interface Engine(SIE) that the connected is a full...
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    USB enumeration problem

    Hi Chandu, I am happy to hear that you have successfully done enumeration for low speed devices. In order to write your own applications to grap USB mouse and Keyboard, need to study HID device classes at first. https://www.microchip.com/forums/m730375.aspx The above link will direct you to...
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    USB enumeration problem

    Hi chandu, I remember I too faced the same problem while shifting from writing firmware for low speed device to high speed device. Then, I got a ready made USB stack from microchip's application library. With that, I communicated with android phones. What I can suggest you at this moment is to...
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    USB enumeration problem

    I need to tell you that the procedures to create 1ms SOF in USB communication differs for different micro controllers. I follow the below procedure to create 1ms SOF signals in PIC micro controllers. 1. At first, I initialize the USB serial interface engine by configuring the necessary...
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    USB enumeration problem

    I have no idea about this. :-)
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    USB enumeration problem

    Hi Chandru, Buffer descriptor table is for PIC micro controllers. Buffer descriptor table is the one which contains registers for 16 endpoints supported by PIC24F micro controller. This registers transfer the access of FIFO Buffers between USB serial interface engine and the user. Along with...
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    Microcontroller Getting Heat. PIC32 CAN Bus SN65HVD1050

    I hope my suggestion may help you fix your issue. 1. Verify that your power source must provide supply voltage not more than the max input voltage that the controller can support. 2. Write a LED blink program and make it run for several minutes and check whether the controller is getting...
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    USB enumeration problem

    Hi Mr chandru.kurapati, I am not aware of the problem you are facing right now, but I hope my ideas may help you rectify your problem. 1. Are you sending the correct 8-byte setup packet to retrieve the 18-byte Device descriptor from the usb device? 2. To which end point are you sending this...
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    HC-05 Embedded Bluetooth Module and its communication channels

    Thanks for your reply. After checking, i have come to know that, HC-05 connects with only one android phone at a time. However, it pairs with multiple devices before it gets connected. My requirement is slide different. I need a bluetooth module, unlike HC-05, that can connect with multiple...
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    HC-05 Embedded Bluetooth Module and its communication channels

    Hi all. I have recently purchased HC-05 Embedded Bluetooth module to interface it with my PIC24F development board. As per my requirement, i need to connect more than one bluetooth enabled devices like Android phones with it simultaneously. I have referred HC-05's Documentation and...
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    hi i have problem in this code anyone help me ,thanks...

    Hi, while seeing your code, i found some mistakes you did. In main() function, you have set TRISC and PORTC bits for some reason and you changed them in Serial_Init() function. If you want to set or clear a particular bit in a register, you can use the below method. //This code explains how...
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    How to initialize usr-wifi232-g wifi module using PIC microcontrollers

    Hi all. I would like to interface USR-WIFI232-G wifi module with PIC24f micro to establish communication with Android phone. For this, i have downloaded the module's corresponding datasheets and verified its operations and AT commands. But, it dint explain how to initialize the module as Access...
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    how application libraries work in a embedded project and where are they written?

    Hi all. I have one serious doubt about working nature of APIs. I involved in a project where i add an already compiled library file with my current project. Compilation and program executions are working fine. Now, my doubt is, in which program memory location does the library gets written? My...
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    how to take microcontroller program output as Log flie

    how to take microcontroller program output as Log files Hi all, Hope you all are fine. I am currently involved in one task in which i need to know each and every operation that a microcontroller does. I though of using UART to print serial stream of characters when a particular event occurs...
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    need some ideas about pin change interrupt in pic16f877a

    RB4 to RB7 of Port B support Interrupt on change. Suppose, if there is any change in any of these 4 port pins would cause the microcontroller to enter in ISR. One of the Applications of these port pin interrupts is push button. You can connect 4 push buttons each for one pin. Then, you can...
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    Problem getting Interface Descriptor from USB to serial converter

    Hi all. Last month, i programmed PIC24FJ256DA206 microcontroller to gather information from USB keyboard and i completed the task successfully. Now, i would like to get and send information From and To USB to serial converter which is connected with same PIC 24Fj256DA206 microcontroller. I...

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