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  1. rajan_pec

    What Pout of LNA at out of band frequency spot

    Hi all, I have simulated Qorvo TQL9044 LNA (internally matched for 1.5GHz to 4GHz band). At 5.2GHz (out Band), simulation responses are : S11 (IRL) is -0.47dB; S22(ORL) is -5.8dB and S21(gain) is -4.96dB. Question: If I feed -20dBm as input power to this LNA at 5.2GHz then what will be the...
  2. rajan_pec

    How I can switch or route -75V & +5V to set of PIN diodes as required

    PROJECT DESCRIPTION: There are 6 different channels or filters ( based on frequency ) to route the RF signal. Each channel or filter is made up of a circuit containing a set of PIN diodes. To switch on to the particular channel or filter (let say channel-1)PIN diodes of that...
  3. rajan_pec

    Gate Control voltage, Vgs, values for IRF6216pbf MOSFET device

    Hi, Check the attached jpeg file (schematic n description) regarding circuit of IRF6216pbf MOSFET. IRF6216pbf is a HEXFET mosfet from International Rectifiers. I am using it to switch on/off the PIN diode based RF channel. TO switch OFF the channel, PIN diode should be biased with -75V and to...
  4. rajan_pec

    50V GaN device Bias Sequencing Card

    Hi, I need to have Bias Sequence card for GaN based Power Amplifier. GaN based device needs sequencing , Gate voltage (-5V to -2V) first and then Drain voltage (Vd) (28 to 50V). I have followed the app note (attached here) for my requirement. I have placed N-Channel MOSFET (PSMN8R2-80YS) in...
  5. rajan_pec

    searching for MOSFET or BJT to act as switch to channel the one voltage out of two

    Hi, I am designing a power supply for a RF switch filter bank (SFB). This SFB has six channels and only one channel will be activated at one time. It means one channel on & other five channels will be off for an instant of time. Conditions for switching ON the channel (consists of series n...
  6. rajan_pec

    Design of High Power Broadband Amplifier

    Hi all, I want to design a Power Amplifier system having Basic requirements : 1. Frequency BW : 1GHz (UHF range) 2. RF output : 10W (linear) 3. Return Losses: -10dBm or less Here challenge is to have constant gain over the 1GHz of Bandwidth. I am browsing the vendor's websites n...
  7. rajan_pec

    Problem in coding-PIC18F controlling TRF7960 RFID IC

    trf7960 hi, I am working on RFID project. I am using TI TRF7960 IC which is to be controlled by PIC18F4420. During coding I am getting problem. Kindly check the attachment and suggest me. Thanks & regards, Rajan

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