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    Cadence tools and older kernels?

    I was wondering if it is possible to install latest Cadence tools such as ic615, mmsim11 and assura4 on newer kernels of RHEL/CentOS 6.x? According to Cadence supported platform matrix only RHEL 3, 4 and 5 and some other are supported which have older kernels and those systems might not support...
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    Unusual hard disk problem!

    By the way, there was no such problem with Windows 7 only and it started after Linux installation (dual boot) and installing grub on MBR. The laptop is relatively new and it seems to be some other reason.
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    Unusual hard disk problem!

    I have a rather unusual problem with my Toshiba 500GB (7200rpm) hard disk in Lenovo E330 laptop. The detail of hard disk is given below. It has dual boot OS; Windows 7 and Linux. The problem is that on start/restart, the hard disk head seems to move back with a ssooo...tick sound and after 2...
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    RHEL USB boot howto for > 4GB image size

    I have a DVD iso image of RHEL5.9 and want to make a bootable USB out of it but the iso size is greater than 4GB for a FAT formatted USB. One suggestion for using ISO2USB utility is to use CD images instead of DVD, but don't know how to create CD images and which files need to be in the first CD...
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    Assura QRC setting problem

    I am having problem with Assura QRC settings. The DRC and LVS runs fine but when the QRC run form is opened, I cannot select the "technology" from the drop down menu (somehow it is disabled) and if I set the "Setup Dir" correctly, QRC runs fine with successful extraction. If I use QRC Setup...
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    FreePDK45 model files

    Here is the file content: .inc '/opt/FreePDK45/ncsu_basekit/models/hspice/tran_models/models_nom/NMOS_VTG.inc .inc '/opt/FreePDK45/ncsu_basekit/models/hspice/tran_models/models_nom/PMOS_VTG.inc .inc '/opt/FreePDK45/ncsu_basekit/models/hspice/tran_models/models_nom/NMOS_VTL.inc .inc...
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    FreePDK45 model files

    Yes, the syntax of hspice_nom.include file does not seems to be correct because when I include the individual .inc files the simulation runs fine with Spectre. Any idea for correct format for .include file? Also how to simulate the extracted netlist or Calibre View generated by Calibre PEX?
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    FreePDK45 model files

    Thanks erikl for the reply. I am unable to simulate a simple inverter with NCSU FreePDK45 for hspiceD and Spectre simulator. When I use hspiceD simulator, the simulations fails with an output log message: hspice: command not found For the Spectre simulator it fails with error message: ERROR...
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    FreePDK45 model files

    With NCSU FreePDK45 only hspice model files are available and was wondering if someone has put effort for Spectre model files to be freely available? The Spectre simulator cannot be used with hspice model files and the hspiceD simulator is not supported by Cadence and we need to install that...
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    FreePDK45 P-cell problem

    I have installed NCSU FreePDK45 design kit for Cadence IC615 but have problem instantiating device layout with the following warning. *WARNING* (DB-220704): The Pcell super master: NCSU_TechLib_FreePDK45/nmos_vtl/layout is not a SKILL super master. The usage of non-SKILL Pcells in Virtuoso is...
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    Calibre use with gpdk045?

    Is it possible to use Cadence design kit (gpdk045) for Calibre DRC, LVS and QRC? I can only find Assura rules in gpdk045, so if possible, how?
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    Problem with Cadence gpdk090

    Found the reason... it is the OA version incompatibility issue. If you want to use the latest gpdk (version 4.6)... use IC612 or later release. IC610 use OA2.2 but IC615 uses OA22.41. The major change was between IC611 and IC612.
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    Do not use ubuntu !!!

    For the following reasons don't install or recommend Ubuntu. 1. Development of Ubuntu is led by Canonical, Ltd. a UK-based "trading" company which generates revenue through the sale of "technical support" and "services." 2. By installing users agree to allow Ubuntu's parent company Canonical...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to start Cadence Virtusos

    Re: Unable to start Cadence Virtuoso Just reinstalled the OS and it works fine.
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    [SOLVED] How to install Cadence IC615?

    Just used the latest Installscape release and able to install.
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    Cadence IC610 on CentOS 6.3?

    Yes, I agree and have managed to install IC610 and IC615 on centOS 6.3 and 6.4. Install the missing packages using "yum" and it works just fine. I found for RHEL with version less than 5.5 there is no wireless network driver installed for Atheros... and there is no straight forward way to...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to start Cadence Virtusos

    Unable to start Cadence Virtuoso I have installed IC-615-06.15.151 and MMSIM_11.10.445 but failed to start virtuoso. I am using CentOS 6.4. When I start the license server using “lmgrd_v” alias defined in bash file it says server is up but the desired vendor daemon is down. When I check the...
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    [SOLVED] How to install Cadence IC615?

    How to install the Cadence IC615 which I downloaded from Cadence website. Previously the installation package was based on CDROMs and we normally point to CDROM1 in the InstallScape to start installation. But in this download I have not found any CDROM folder. The list of folders and files in...
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    Unable to attach technology library?

    Above link with same problem with NO solution...

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