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    How to I generate a digital controlled 0-5V analog signal.

    digital to analog 5v Thanks for the replies everyone. Sorry should have been more specific with my signal requirements: I think the main requirement for voltage signal is stability and accuracy. It would be use as the voltage reference of a lab power supply to control its output voltage and...
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    How to I generate a digital controlled 0-5V analog signal.

    how to generate an analog signal Hello, I am trying to build a circuit that can output a 0-5V analog signal. This analog signal will be controlled by a mcu. What i have in mind is to have a mcu communicate to some sort of 12bit dac. I am familiar with the mcu portion of things, but i am not...
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    Interfacing 8051 with a SD card

    Hi, Saw this past thread, would it be useful to you?
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    mp3 player and semiconductor memories

    Hello, With regards to mp3 player circuit. Try looking at this website. **broken link removed** You can buy the DIY mp3 player as a kit or assembled. The nice thing is that evrything is provided, schematics, source code everything. So i guess its a good way to learn ;-) You can download the...
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    interfacing network card with embedded system

    Hello, You may find this link useful https://web51.hw-server.com/links.html It contains links of projects, connecting 8bit controllers to the ethernet.
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    Any RTC recommendation?

    Sorry typo Check this link https://www.ricoh.com/LSI/product_rtc/
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    Help me design energy meter with ADE7756 and has measurement error of less than 1%

    Re: Energy meter Hi i remembered the analog device website had a reference design using the ade7756. Also do watch out for the phase shift of the CT, could be a problem if selection is not good.
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    Any RTC recommendation?

    Hi Try searching for Richol, their rtc are used in alot of machines Spi, i2c interface ... heard its cheap too ;-)
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    help:about microprocessors

    Perhaps it would be useful to tell us more about the kit. What MCU you will be using, types of tools ( programmer/compiler) given :-)
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    How to detect broken cable in RS485?

    1) Continuity test with multimeter 2) Transmit a message from RS485 device probe line with oscilloscope for pulse with zero-crossing
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    Which companies have "switch debouncer" IC?

    switch debouncer ic delay can you add capacitors to the switch? or do some sort of software debouncing? Also maybe this article can be of use? h**p://www.ganssle.com/debouncing.pdf * => t
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    advanced c programming

    To be frank i started working more indept into c lately Found the K&R to be extremely useful. thats my first reference. anything else just google for it :-) Pointers are a little hard tp gasp. Currently I am finding difficulties in pointers to function. think c is still mainly used in mcu...
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    how to choose transformer for power supply design

    Thanks for the pointer IanP, Will look into it :D
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    how to choose transformer for power supply design

    Hello, I have a question on transformer selection for liner voltage regulator type powersupply circuit. What is VA rating for a transformer? Is it true that if the VA is too big the transformer will heat up and waste alot of energy? I setting up a ps circuit using 7805, 5V output about...
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    microc to measure the total power kw/hour consumption

    usually youcan find examples from microchip, ti that use the mcu to do the job of calculating total power and kw/hr consumption. but its usually single phase. just improvise to 3 channels. but really for a quick fix the analog device ics would do. and it comes in 3 phase variants too :-)
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    How to recover windows 2000 pro?

    Install Win 98 first followed by windows 2000. This way you can have a dual boot system. Try this link **broken link removed** Also would be helpful to reserve a partion for data only.
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    Are there a lot of job opportunities in electronics in USA??

    Re: Are there a lot of job opportunities in electronics in U agreed asia pacific does not mean only china and india. try singapore?
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    Signal generator to test energy meter

    Hello, I am starting a project to build a signal generator to test the accuracy of energy meters. Do you think building one is fessible? The commercial sets on the market is way too expensive! A senior engineer suggested that it could getting a stable voltage and current source up can be done...

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