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    Need help about receiver noise figure measurement

    Dear all, Could anybody help me about the method of NF measurement at low frequency. I need to measurue NF of a low IF receiver with IF frequency of 2MHz. Thank you very much in advance. Best regards, rf_usn
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    Please help me about guard-ring issues

    Hi all, I am now designing RF part in the SoC. We all know that the guarding is needed for noise isolation. I have found some papers discussing about the effect of guard ring's width on the isolation. Ex. in the paper "On the P+ guard ring sizing strategy to shield against substrate noise"...
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    Ask for help about Guard-ring in SoC

    Hi all, I am a beginer in SoC field. I am looking for any documentd, books in which they discuss about Guard-ring rule in SoC. Can anyone help me about that? Thank you very much in advance. Regards, rf_usn.

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