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    [SOLVED] defination of linear element

    why is it said that a device having an equation of the form y=mx only for its IV charc is a linear element? why cant it be y=mx+c?
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    [SOLVED] trouble with serial communication using dspic30f2020 & matlab

    hi again everyone! I am trying to interface a matlab gui with dspic30f2020 over serial communication. My matlab code sends a number (here 67) when i press a certain pushbutton. The muc is then supposed to check if the value received is 67 and if it is, then it has to take a certain action...
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    [SOLVED] problem with serial communication using MATLAB and dspic30f2020

    Hi everyone! I have a slight problem here. I am basically trying to sample 200 analog values using the ADC inside dspic30f2020 and then sending them via UART to a matlab program. The thing is, I am sending these 200 values to matlab only once (as far as my understanding goes, in my code for...
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    [SOLVED] dsPIC30F2020, problem with calculation of sampling rate of ADC

    can somebody please tell me how microchip calculates the maximum sampling rate of the ADC of dspic30f2020 to be 2 mega samples/sec ? I tried going through the datasheet but was unable to figure it out :/
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    [PIC] problem with uart TRANSMISSION (using dsPIC30F2020, matlab and ft232)

    Hi everyone, i have written a small code to transmit 5 numbers from matlab to the PIC via FT232. Depending on the number received, a particular led blinks. When the number 5 is received, the MUC transmits back all the 5 numbers received till then to the pc @ 115200 bps. For some reason my...
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    [SOLVED] problem with UART RECEPTION: using dsPIC30F2020, matlab, FT232 & c30 compiler

    Hi guys, i am trying to write a small program to test serial communication between dsPIC30F2020 and MATLAB via FT232. As per the program, a random number is sent from matlab to the PIC. On reception of the number via UART, an interrupt is generated and an LED connected to pin B0 should glow...

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