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    Optical smoke chambers

    Am working on a (non-safety crtical, 2nd line of defence) industrial smoke sensor project. We are using an RE46C200 chip and we are at last seeing nice results. However these rely upon a smoke chamber taken from an existing domestic detector. Basically these chambers have to Permit the...
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    PIC composite (CDC + HID) - failed to modify MLA (MSD+HID)

    Hi Despite opening a case with Microchip, I'm unable to make a composite CDC+HID device work (no matter how simple). Microchip were helpful - but I still have no working solution. they told me "The MCC USB Device Lite library does not support creation of a composite device in an easy way at...
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    Attenuating piezo sounder for testing purposes

    I have a commercial smoke detector which I'd like to use for experimental purposes. It uses a soic-16 chip by "SEMIC": CS2105AGQ-S1Z, TGAY2VU401L. The piezo sounder is the type with 2 terminals (ground, brass and silver <--> ground, drive, feedback ?). If the piezo has a resonant driver...
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    XC8, (45/18) not exactly 2.5?

    //XC8 2.31 volatile uint32_t gRawCount; //Watch result gRawCount = (0.5 + (45/18)); //gRawCount = 2 gRawCount = (0.5 + 2.5); //gRawCount = 3 So (45/18) must have evaluated to a tiny bit under 2.5. I am surprised becasue 0.5 is precisely representable as a...

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