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    [51] How to Connect HT12D (Decoder) IC with 89s52 micro

    HI I need your help badly i m working on a project in which i wann to interface ht12d ic with micro at receiving end Plz tell me how can i connect it with 89s52 micro. Also i want to knw that HT12d ic can decode all type of encoders code?::oops:
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    [51] RF module interfacing with 8051

    HI, I am working on project in which i m trying to interface RF module with 89s52 micro .. I want to receive the codes sent by transmitter and to show them on 16X2 LCD as well as trying to save them in eeprom ......... Plz help me regarding this project...
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    [51] Time in rtc being slow....

    Hi expert I want your help regarding my rtc project,actually i hav worked on DS1307 rtc and able to set time . But My problem is that its nt working properly as time slow downs while comparing wd real time . Sometimes its working fine bt after some days or week it again slow downs..so can you...
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    [51] Sms receiving and display on lcd

    Hi I am working on a project in which i am trying to display the sms on 16x2 lcd.... i have studied at commands and able to read sms bt only saved sms.... i am unable to read new msg....how can i know new sms indication... and i want to know about cnmi=2,2,0,0,0 according to me i think it...
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    [51] UART communication between 3 microcontroller

    Hi guys, Can anybody help me regarding uart communication with 3 microcontrollers. One as a master and other two as a slave devices. I m working on 89s52 micro-controllers, even i m able to communicate between one slave and master at a time bt when i m trying to communicate two slaves wd...
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    [51] Communication Between Two at89s52 microcontroller using i2c

    Hi, Every one First of all i wanna thank this forum it is much helpfull for begainers Sir I want to communicate two microcontroller (at89s52) through i2c i m totally new in this feild i hav knowlegde about i2c .. But sir i want help frm u guys how can i communicate them plz help me with a...

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