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    error system fonts not supported for rs274d gerber format

    Pads2005 CAM error - system fonts not supported for rs274d gerber format I have a pcb file in pads2005 that was imported from 2007 pads via ascii file. Other than changing some fonts to arial, the import went fine. Now when trying to run gerbers in pads 2005 I get error saying "System fonts are...
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    Pads2007 file cannot be opened in Pads2005

    Hello: Please excuse me as I am just getting re-acquianted with Pads. When trying to open pcb file created in Pads2007 with Pads2005 there's an error with something like it cannot be opened since its incompatible. If user has Pads2005 and wants to look or edit Pads2007 file, what are the...

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