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    High volume PCB price; 6 layer vs 10 layer board

    Hi, Does anyone have an idea what is the (very) high volume (100k+) price difference between six layer (4Sig, 2planes) vs 10 layer (6sig, 4 planes). Or, any web based calculator (haven't had luck locating one) for high violume PCB. I am inclined to try with 6layer, but then the traces must be...
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    Altium - snap when measuring

    Hi, When creating PCB part, I was able to measure pad-to-pad distance to verify my component. Although the pads are not on regular grid, the cursor would snap to pad center when clicked near by. Somehow, I lost that feature, I think I pressed some shortcut inadvertedly. How to regain it, anyone...
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    7Segment LED display w/integrated driver?

    Hi, Is there such thing as 7-segment LED display with integrated driver, prefferably I2C controlled one? I would like to avoid separate driver due to cost/space. That is, it would be nice to have display with Power, GND and Interface lines only :) Thanks,
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    Create PCB part for 1434 pin BGA in Altium

    1434 bga Hi, what is the easiest way to create PCB pattern for 1434 pin BGA (called FCBGA7) part? Wizzard does not help much, the pin pattern is odd, not all pins are in rectangular grid. I have a list of coordinates (wrt center of component) in pdf, if I make it in Excell, can I...

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