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    What is the maximum DC voltage, that is not lethal?

    What is the maximum DC voltage, that is not lethal?
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    Silicon bandgap temperature sensor

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon_bandgap_temperature_sensor What is q (charge on an electron)? What electron?
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    the op. amp. doesn't work as it should

    I connected the photodiode (current source) as shown: If i measure the voltage across + and - input of op. amp. i don't get 0V, but the voltage rises proportional to current from current source. How is that possible? Rolling Eyes The op. amp. is TLC2272 and Vcc is 5V. I get 0.35V across at...
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    Looking for sensor for measuring the sun light intensity

    light intensity sensor I am looking for light sensor for measuring the sun light intensity (range from 0 to 1000 W/m2). Any idea what sensor can i use? I found TSL sensors, but the range is not suitable.
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    stepper motor controll

    I have a stepper mottor driver ic - TMC249, which has to be controlled like this: photo below. I would like to change this to step and dirrection contoll. What logic gates should i use and how should i connect them?
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    current control (high voltage)

    I would like to control curent of 20kV DC power supply. How can i do that?
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    laser distance measurement

    I would like to make a precise distance measuring device (distance from 0 to 1.5m). I was thinking about interferometry. Any plans? What laser should i use?
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    How to limit the current through a transformer? (AC)

    current regulation (AC) I would like to limit the current through the transformer at the primary side of the transformer which is connected to 230V AC. How can i do that?

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