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    problem in AT command with smtp

    SA i can send email from sim900, but i can't send attached mail because i dont know how the path of the file is placed into the instruction "AT+SMTPFILE=1,"test.txt",0" So, where the AT command gets the path or text file ?? the instructions that i used are AT+SAPBR=4,1...
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    [SOLVED] problem in sim900 and AT command

    HI I've Connected the SIM900 to arduino uno and I'm Sending & Receiving codes I want to send Email from sim900 to one of my E-mail accounts. In the last step of sending E-mail , after sending the code "AT+SMTPAUTH=1,"xxxxxxxx@xxxxx.com","xxxxxxxx" it gives me error so, how do i fix this...
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    Data Logger with Microcontroller 18f452 or 16f877A

    HI...this is very urgent!!! I have a microcontroller 18f452 Interfaced to SD card. I use 1Gb sd card. The desired connection is : sending .txt file from microcontroller to an email through wireless or whatever but without wiring, Can anybody help MEEE!!!!!
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    Building Datalogger and sending data to an e-mail

    Hello all I want to build a data-logger to measure 1- volt 2- frequency I can make the software that can measure the previous parameters but if i suppose to the data-logger will collect the readings in excel file or some file looks like excel along the day and send this file at the end of...
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    convert frequency counter to Rf frequency counter

    Hi I have done 50 MHZ frequency counter by pic 16f877A . i have radio frequency (33MHZ) signal in transmitter that contains antenna . My question is :is there any interface between the antenna and my frequency counter to measure this rf signal ??
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    [SOLVED] maximum frequency in pic 16 & 18

    hi all i want to know the maximum frequency at pin T0CK1 in 16f877a & 18f452 to know if i used these pics as a frequency counter will count to what Hertz ? i try the datasheet but i cant extract these information ...
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    High Frequency counter

    Hi I have done 50 MHZ frequency counter by pic 16f877A and 20MHZ crystal. My question : can i convert it to 200 MHZ by divide the input frequency to a certin value ?? If yes , any another steps are required ? thank u in advance
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    [Moved] limit switch in protues ?

    is limit switch exist in protues ? how do i bring it ?
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    Oscillator circuit with schmit triger

    Hi all i need an oscillator circuit but contains Coil with schmit trigger 74hc14d
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    Limits of PIC's oscillator [16F/18F]

    Hello Everybody I need a link or any thing that give me the minimum/maximum external Oscillator used in PIC 16F series and 18F series thank you in advance
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    [SOLVED] Summing two numbers and sending them to serial port

    Hi All Can anybody write a code in mikroC that :- 1- get the first number from user in hyper terminal (serialport) 2- get the firseconed number from user in hyper terminal (serialport) 3- sum the two numbers in PIC and send the result to hyperTerminal Thank u in advance
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    Convert USB to Serial Port

    Hi Friends My Pic 16f877A send data to serial port , but my Lab top doesn't contain any serial port, can i convert usb to serial ? what is the solution ?
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    an ambiguous error in this code

    Hi all this code : when i push button (high) that connected to Portb.F0 the counter will increment as follow ( 1 ,3 ,5,7,9, 11, 13, 15 ) and store these values into a vector of length 8 when Portb.f0 pushed down (low) ( the micro controller supposed to display this vector value by value...
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    Reading values of frequency in PIC

    Hi friends I have designed a system to read frequency as follow : when a coin passed through 2-coils that connected in oscillation circuit the frequency will change according to the position of coin . changing of frequency occurs every a bout 10 ms . i want to read this values and put it...
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    [SOLVED] how can do i use dynamic vector(1-Diminsial array) in MicroC pro

    Hi friends i have data (values) vary with time ,every 1ms data updated , how can i fit these data into dynamic vector(1-Diminsial array) in microC pro to compare this vector to standard vector , i wish the solution not use POINTERs . please mention an example . thank you
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    Problem in understanding CCP1

    i cant understand precise the operation CCP1 in capture mode - i know if an event/signal ,say in rising edge is feed to RC2/CCP1 the timer will start and CCP1 capture value from Timer1 . the thing that i cant understand is : timer will start from what to what ? from 0 to 1! or from 1 ! the...
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    [SOLVED] can anyone understand this code

    this code is apart from ultrasonic code to detect the distance between SR-HC04 sensor and obstacle . can anyone write the code in procedures such as 1- variable declration 2- detect rising edg ...... and so on // variables char txt1[] = "Auto driving "; char txt2[] = "Car"; char txt3[] =...
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    Measuring Time between two IR sensor

    Hi I have 2 IR sensor(with its receiver) the distance between is 1Cm and i have a coin pass through them i want to calculate the time from the coin hit the first IR sensor to leave the second IR sensor . using MicroC Pro , 16f877A Thanks
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    [SOLVED] problem in Timer 0 - 16F877A microcontroller

    Hi in pic 16f877a which instruction that allow timer 0 will start if i have configured it
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    what is the technique used in coin changer/selector/alidator

    what is the technique used in coin changer/selector/validator Hi i have read about coin identification , and found the best technique is : tow coils placed in oscillator circuit , if the coin passed through the frequency will be changed , i have applied this technique for denominations of...

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