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    H-Bridge Converter and Inverter

    I want to test my concept of full bridge converter (12v DC to 400v DC) by generating 50kHz signal from arduino/other MCU. It will look like DC12vBatt--->H-Bridge---->FerriteTransformer(step up, say for example getting 400v)----->Rectifier-->Filter (400v DC) Major challenges are in making...
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    Way forward of H-Bridge inverter/converter common issues

    To make inverter/converter with H-bridge configuration, we have to face difficulties with Hi-low side MOSFET/IGBT driver. IR2110 is commonly used driver for this which has issue with heating up and being damaged found in this forum. Does anyone have any good alternative chip/IC to the H-Bridge...
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    Lead Acid Battery charge controller using already available power supply unit

    My plan is to make a charge controller to auto charge a 12v Lead Acid battery. Here is the idea - 1. Power supply will be adjusted to deliver a safe voltage above 12 volt. Say 14v. Note that ampare rating of the power supply is 20A (safe for a 120AH battery) 2. Power supply will be connected...
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    What algorithm Qualcomm quick charge 2.0, 3.0

    Need technical explanation of the quick charging technique of Qualcomm's Quick charge 2.0, 3.0.
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    Experiment with electric ballast powered fluorescent tube

    I'm experimenting the tube light used in my house. I found the following results - Line voltage, Vl: 228.7 v Voltage across the ballast, Vb=172.7 v Voltage across the tube, Vt= 120.6 v All the voltages are measured in rms value. My question is why it is not satisfying the following? Vl=Vb+Vt...
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    Basic SMPS power supply design

    I want to design a basic power supply using flyback or bridge converter topology. It seems okay from my understanding point of view if the input voltage is low (say 12 or 24). But what usually do in the practical design when the input voltage is the line voltage (230v ac)? As we will have to...
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    Experimenting single phase induction motor from basic

    First I want to make run an single phase induction motor. I have a small single phase induction motor (used in exhaust fan) with me right now. It has three terminals - 1. Red 2. Yellow and 3. Black I know a capacitor is required in series with the auxiliary winding to make it self starting. I...
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    Application of IR3537

    Can IR3537 be used instead of IR2110 in typical bridge converter/inverter to drive high and low side MOSFET? It has two outputs (HI hand LO) and bootstrap mechanism like IR2110. But, I'm not clear how it works with only one input signal (pin3, PWM)... Pin description: Pin3, PWM: The PWM signal...
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    Inverter design basics

    Typically two stages are considered in SMPS inverter design so far I know which sees to be a good design. Stage 1: Battery (DC) to high voltage DC. This is done using high frequency converter with a ferrite core transformer. Then LC filter Stage 2: High volt DC to AC. This is actually the...
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    Designing LC filter for power converter

    I've found two equations in two different books to determine the required inductance for a LC filter. Marty Brown - Power Supply Cookbook (2nd Edition) - [p.46, Eq. 3.32] Lmin=(Vinmax-Vout)*Toff/(1.4*Iout) Switching Power Supply Design, Third Edition - [p.74, Eq. 2.20] Lo=0.5*Vo*T/Ion Which...
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    Choosing microcontroller for some specific tasks to be performed

    I'm planning to do the following tasks using a single MCU- 1. Two Hardware PWM channels (50kHz) 2. One ADC 3. 16 I/O ports (6 in, 10 out --> 6 analogue input for ADC, 6 output for six indicators and 4 outputs for two full bridge PWM I'm currently working on PIC16F690 where I've made 1 PWM...
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    Facing problem with AC controller and relay switch

    I’ve made a circuit of an AC controller (light dimmer) with 3 on/off switch to control AC load. I used PIC microcontroller to control the whole things. Detail description - 1. Three relay (6V dc; 250V AC, 10A) to switch on/off three AC loads. PIC MCU takes input using push button switch and...
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    Want to make a Low power SMPS

    I want to learn about making SMPS for low power (e.g, 6/7w). Input voltage 230v AC Output voltage 5v dc Which topology should I chose to make an efficient converter?
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    Zero crossing optocoupler

    What is the difference of the optoisolators having zero-crossing feature (MOC3021) and non zero crossing feature (MOC3041)? What are their application fields?
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    Designing a high efficiency transformer

    We know the relation of primary secondary voltage, current and turns as below - Vs/Vp=Ip/Is=Ts/Tp Let's design a transformer having the following rating - Vp=12v Vs= 360v Is=1A So, Primary current, Ip=Is*Vs/Vp=30A Turns ratio,Ts/Tp=Vs/Vp=360/12=30 Wire required for primary and secondary...
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    Making a PICkit 2 from reliable source

    I found the schematic of PICkit 2 in the user guide provide in microchip's web site. The firmware of PICkit 2 is also available in microchip's site. So, I think it will work fine as like as the original one. Did anybody make PICkit 2? I want to make it for myself.
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    Logic that generate negetive voltage [how?]

    I found a design idea in EDN that showed how two diodes and two capacitors can be used to generate a negative voltage in PWM output of MCU. Here is the link - **broken link removed** The microcontroller’s PWM output drives the inverter with a 1-kHz, 50%-duty-cycle, 0 to 5V waveform. When the...
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    Strengthen knowledge on power factor

    We know - The power factor is defined as the ratio of the real power flowing to the load to the apparent power feed into the load. So, we can calculate power factor as below - Measure voltage & current to the load and calculate VA of the load. Measure power (P) drawn by the load using a...
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    Audio power apmplifier

    Audio power apmplifier for my pc I have two unused speaker at home. These were in old cassette player. I want to use these speakers with my PC. Could anybody help me to make a good amplifier for my PC? Impedance: 3 ohm Peak input power: 20W (confused :-?, what is the output power) These...
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    Lead-Acid battery charger using pc power supply unit

    I've a 12v sealed lead-acid battery. Now I want to make a charger to charge it from our line voltage (230V AC). From my general knowledge, I can use a step down transformer (primary 230v, secondary 12v-0v-12v) as center tapped full wave rectifier to charge. Which is very preliminary circuit...

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