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    Beginner in DSP and need guidance on how to start

    Below is link for very good E-Book for DSP. It's very useful for beginner as well. The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing Tectona
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    How to identify Exception Error root cause in Coldfire 5275?

    Hi, I am using Control Flash tool for physically program the coldfire.
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    How to identify Exception Error root cause in Coldfire 5275?

    Hi, My problem is, I don't have debugger/emulator to debug. But I have information about Last PC and Stack information. Regards, Tectona
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    How to identify Exception Error root cause in Coldfire 5275?

    Hi All, Can you Please share your experiance on, -> how to resolve/debug Access/Illegal Instruction Exception error in Coldfire 5275? -> Due to which cause/reason these exception errors occur? Regards, Tectona
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    ModbusTCP Unit Identifier

    Hi all, Can you please tell me what's response send by ModbusTCP server when it will received unit ID 0 packet by Modbus TCP client? Second Can you give me brief information about what's behavior of ModbusTCP server when it will receive unit ID 0.? Regards, Tectona
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    IP Address Conflict Detections

    HI All, I need your help for implementing IPv4 ACD (Address Conflict Detections) into embedded system. I have gone through RFC available on web. I don't know if device identify address conflict then what to do? Please help me. Regards Tectona
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    business oppurtunity in india

    a good business in india Hi All, I am Electronics & Communication Eng. I have 5+ Year Exp. in Industrial Automation. Currently, I am working with L&T. I am interested to start my own business. If anyone interested please reply me. Thanks Regards Tectona
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    are transistors compatable with rs485 ?

    microcontroller communication by rs 485 I think, You have to use RS485 to RS232 converter. Because PC COM port work on RS232. Regards Tectona
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    Looking for tutorials about ZigBEE microcontrollers

    Re: ZigBEE Following links give u basic Idea about ZigBee. **broken link removed** http://www.palowireless.com/zigbee/articles.asp http://homepage.uab.edu/cdiamond/How%20Zigbee%20Works.htm http://www.zigbee.org/en/ Regards Tectona
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    for home based automation project which communication techni

    Re: for home based automation project which communication te Hi , I think u should use Zigbee for Home Automation. https://www.zigbee.org/ Tectona
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    wireless sensor network for embadded system final project

    Re: wireless sensor network for embadded system final projec Hi, I think, u should develop some application on Zigbee protocol. This protocol works in Home Automation, Industrial Automation, Medical etc. Tectona
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    circuit for RS-485 connection with microcontroller

    rs485 microcontroller If u want to read/write data from any modbus device than first u should understand how modbus protocol works? Develop modbus master, so u can send query to device & read/write specific data what u want from that device. for modbus site just go through below site...
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    Serial to Ethernet converter.....

    Clear your Requirement & which kind of Help u needed. I developed Serial to Ethernet converter using PIC18F452. Tectona.
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    Address Error (DsPIC30F2010)

    Hi All, I have face Address Error problem with DsPIC30F2010. I am using nested Interrupts. Can u plz, help me how to resolve it.? Regards Tectona.
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    Help Required to do Energy calibration

    Hi, Can u plz, help me "How to calibrate Energy Measurement Unit"? Thanks Tectona
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    Help Required (MATLAB Simulink)

    Hi Sadegh.j Thanks for ur reply. I choose matlab because I aware & Comfortable with that Matlab software. Regards Tectona
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    Help Required (MATLAB Simulink)

    Hi All, I want to simulate my UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply) Design. Can u guide me how to use MATLAB simulink for that? Thanks & Regards Tectona
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    How to use Matlab to simulate an UPS?

    Hi All, I want to simulate UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply). Can u guide me how to use MATLAB simulink for this.? Thanks & Regards Tectona
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    Help Needed : Checksum utility in MPLAB IDE

    mplab checksum Hi All, I want to know about, How checksum calculation utility work in MPLAB IDE.? Can I use this checksum to store into PIC24H Series controller.? Thanks & Regards Tectona
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    How to create Bitmap Image in Hex?

    create bitmap from hex Hi all, I need ur help for generate fonts bitmap image. Currently I use fontgen software for generate fonts bitmap or Hex File. I want to know how this software generate bitmap file for any fonts which we select. Any one know the logic or any idea, how this kind of...

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