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    How to identify voltage or current to Opamp

    I have the following high level diagram and an application note for measuring the currents, i am confused with the inputs to the op-amp, how do i know if it is currents or voltages? I have attached the application note. I assume it is the currents.
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    Angle of load impedance

    The power per phase is defined as where i don't understand the term Theta. I know the phase angle between the voltage and current if there is reactance they are not in phase . What does the below statement mean?
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    Sources in same direction

    I am bit confused when you say the sources are in same direction or opposite direction. I assume that if the currents are in the same direction then they are is same direction for example i have drawn below. Is it correct? Suppose if it is relatively complex circuit, still we can classify the...
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    Unit circle notation of sine and cos waveforms

    I see lot of books representing the sine and cosine waveforms in terms of unit circle notation. Is there is any particular advantage doing this? I hope this unit circle representation is different from phasor notation or both of them same?
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    Direction of Magnetic field

    I am trying to understand the basics of magnetic field, if I know this answer i have one more clarification to ask Based on the magnetic field is my representation of North and South pole correct. The magnetic field originates at North pole and ends at South pole?
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    Number of windings clarification

    This is the image i saw, referring to the explanation of the 3Phase Synchronous motors. The doc says it is an empty stator containing just 3 coils, each 120 Degrees apart around the surface of the machine. But I see 6, like abc,a'b'c'. What are these a'b'c' coils? When it is referred to 3 coils...
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    3 Phase Alternator confusion

    These are some doubts that i get, it is not related to the actual circuit, so please excuse if do not provide all the inputs, please let me know if i missed any inputs. In a 3 phase system the voltages are induced in particular order say ABC if the rotor rotates in Anti clockwise direction. Two...
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    Phasor Representation of voltage and current waveforms

    I am bit confused with the Phasor representation of voltages and currents. Does the magnitude of the phasor length is RMS value or Peak value? Please advise.
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    PWM Output voltage

    It is just a concept which i want to understand, let us assume V1 supply and i can control it either using controller and apply pwm signal of the required duty, and L1 is a motor. My question is if i apply a pwm of duty 50% will i see a voltage of v1/2 on the motor and similarly based on the...
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    Voltage and Current Measurement

    I have a doubt where i want to know how accurately i am measuring the voltage and current. Suppose if i use a micro controller and i am reading a analog voltage using ADC what are the factors i should consider to know how accurately i am measuring. Input let us say i apply 5 volts and i measure...
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    How to solve the circuit

    I am trying to solve the circuit. I am not posting the full question but my doubt is inductor seems to be directly across the voltage source without resistance R in the loop. Is it possible? I have to find out when the fuse breaks. Please advise.
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    Clarification on power consumption

    Common circuit i have seen but never thought let us say two power sources 10v and 5v in series with 5 ohm resistor in between. The current is 1amp, the net power by 10v source is 10w delivered but for the second source it is 5watt absorbed. The 5v being source how it can absorb ? I understand...
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    Clarification on RMS value

    The statement in wikipedia about RMS value is "For alternating electric current, RMS is equal to the value of the direct current that would produce the same average power dissipation in a resistive load." My understanding about the statement is, if a sine signal of peak value is 5V then its RMS...
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    [SOLVED] Four Quadrant Operation

    I am bit confused about the motor operating in the four quadrants. Is this operation specific only to DC motor or applicable to synchronous AC motors as well? Please advise.
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    Signed fractional format ADC dspic33EV

    I am referring to the microchip dspic33ep micro controller. I am trying to read the adc of the pot, the adc is initialized for signed fractional format and in the data sheet it is shown as . The test point at POT reads 3.3V and when i debug the variable is 32736 which when converted into binary...
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    Best Method to watch a variable dynamically

    In microchip i want to watch a variable which I know should change like a sine wave. What is the best method to do that? If i put a break point i can only see it at only some instants of time. I want to monitor each and every change on a kind of screen. What is the method i should follow? Please...
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    What is 5V return mean

    I have seen the following term in encoder connections. . The signal number 5 in encoder refers to +5Vs (rtn). Does it mean a Gnd? Why did he not say Gnd? Any specific reason.
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    Peak Current in AN1292 Microchip Application Note

    This is the file available in the application note AN1292. My doubt is the Peak current input parameter 10A. How did he know that the peak current is 10A by design? Please help me. If i want to design on my own and design 20A how do i do it? Please advise.
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    Does Phase Currents are always RMS

    When you are driving a PMSM motor or any kind of motor, we always refer to phase currents Ia, Ib, Ic. My question is whether the currents are RMS values? or i need to derive them separately?
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    Microchip MCLV-2 Board Clarifications

    I have few clarifications on the MCLV-2 board software and the schematics. I have attached the source code of AN2520 application noted, schematics of the board and AN1292 application note. Q1. Referring to the userparams.h file // Following parameters for MCLV-2 board // Gain of opamp = 15 //...

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