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    How to design a waveguide-coax(or microstrip) adapter?

    microstrip to waveguide adapter Same as the subhect. How to decide the initial parameters for optimization? Could you recommend any reference about it? Thanks in advance!
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    How to use an FET model in ADS

    Hello, I used a GaAs FET model pf_mit_MGF2430A_19931015 offered by ADS library to design a Ku band PA. It's OK when I did DC simulation. But when I do small singal S parameter simulation, the gain is much smaller than the gain using S2P file model. (the DC power has been added properly, namely...
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    [help] I measure a simple structure, but...

    Hello, Folks, We use a PA module and can't reach the performance in its specification with our experiment board. I suspect something not good in our fixture, so I did a simple measurement: I made a 50 Ohm microstrip with 18.3mil width and 1 inch length on Ro4003 board with 8mil thickness. Put...
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    Inquire about the load pull

    Hi, everyone, Could you recommend me any reference to introduce the load pull method, the principle and how to do it. Thanks a lot!
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    Ask for information of a PA module.

    Hello, folks, Who has used the Triquint's PA module TGA2508? And what's it's performance. The biasing and matching circuits are quite simple, but in my prototype board, the test results are much worse than its specification. I'm confused by it now. Thank you!
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    A question about the sensitivity of GPS receivers

    Hi, Folks, Could any one tell me how to decide sensitivity of a GPS receiver with its NF? I do know the sensitivity is dedermined by NF, thermal noise of the RF Band, Eb/N0 and Gp, but what's Eb/N0 and Gp of a GPS receiver? Further, how to estimate the threshold power level (at the receiver...

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