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    GSM 900 Repeater design

    I made a mistype, i meant 20m*20m field coverage near the service antenna (supposing an omnidirectanional antenna). The donor antenna has to placed with a sufficient distance from the service antenna.Your answers and suggestions are appreciated!
  2. Z

    GSM 900 Repeater design

    Sorry for the missing parameters, but it's a new field for me. Some data: Uplink 890-915 MHz, Downlink 935-960MHz I'm thinking about a class B or hybrid broadband repeater. The service antenna should be capable of a near field coverage of about 20m*20m. This should be a BDA for home or office...
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    GSM 900 Repeater design

    Nobody ?? Any suggestions ?
  4. Z

    GSM 900 Repeater design

    First hello to all, it should be my first post here... I'm "trying" to design a GSM 900 repeater with this scheme: directive antenna --> LNA --> AMP+AGC --> PA --> omni antenna directive antenna <-- AMP <-- AMP+AGC <-- omni antenna The antennas are the same, i'm using diplexers on every side...

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