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    Ti f28335 help in controlling

    hi guys, i would require to control a 3 phase PWM signal using dsp from ti, f28335. i would like to bulid a circuit that could control the duty cycle. meaning to put a potentiometer in its analog control a0 to vary the reference voltage to output the frequency. by controlling the reference...
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    BLDC control issues spinning

    i have research on that u v w or u w v. changing the wires only affect the direction of it spinning like cw or ccw. i have tested on a small load motor . but only when at a particular analog input will the motor spin but once out of the particular analog control. the motor stop spinning and...
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    BLDC control issues spinning

    Hi, my motor are sensor less. I intend to try changing the order of the motor U v w. Maybe the buzzing sound happen because the order is wrong? Maybe u w v . Possible chances?
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    BLDC control issues spinning

    hi chuckey, i started of using a dc link of 15V ,3A power supply. the current remain as 3A but starting at 0V and slowly increase by 1V until it reach 15V but it still have that zzz sound instead of spinning properly. the power supply generator at 15V 3A show a constant current and constant...
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    BLDC control issues spinning

    Hi guys, i am using micro controller arduino uno to produce 3 phase PWM pulses by using DDS method available online. the PWM pulses will be fed into a diadem circuit to provide diadem for accidental turn on of each pair of mosfet(3pair for 3 phase) each PWM generated will be fed into a...
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    Ir2110 circuit issue

    The output of optocoupler v peak is 6.2v The output of lo pin1 is tested to be 24v with 32khz but the pin7 ho is not giving anything. The circuit is not loaded with any motor. As mention by U. Ho only give output of the same v peak like lo (pin1) just that is opposite of each other? Able...
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    Ir2110 circuit issue

    hi, yes i used a pull up resistor from 5V to 350ohm, based on datasheet. square wave generator output is sqaure wave with 32khz @5.2v peak output of optocoupler is sqaure wave with 32khz @6V peak which is the input of the driver. but the driver output is nothing when i scope over the gate of...
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    [SOLVED] ir2110 output problem

    hi, any solution to the mention topic? . able to further explain how do i connect the lower FET to test the HO pin 7 of the ir2110? i got the same output waveform mentioned by TS. please advise
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    Ir2110 circuit issue

    hi guys, reading up this forum i still encounter this problem, please advise. circuit as attached. the signal high and low logic is being fed out an output from the optocoupler with frequency 32khz and vpeak of 6.2V. i want to test the output of the HO and LO of ir2110 to see what the...
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    3pwm signal for 3 phase BLDC control

    hi guys this is my first time using this forum. will appreciate the helps given to me. i got a project that require me to control a BLDC that is given to me MT2826 from tigermotor mosfet driver using irs2336d controller using arduino uno. the pwm signal generated out by the arduino uno is...
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    Help me to design deadtime circuit

    hi, sorry TS to jack the thread but i require some help. thanks using arduino uno to generate 3 PWM signal with 120deg apart as attached . i would require to be fed into irs2336d mosfet driver. since irs2336 require 3high and 3 low signal . i need to split logic right after the arduino uno(3...

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