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    choosing 1.8 or 3.3V MOS transistor for analog IC design

    Hi I have to design an analog circuit for IC whose power supply is not freezed. How do I select which transistor to use from PDK library provided by the foundry? Which parameters like VDD, Gm , Gds , Ft, Ron etc. takes priority in deciding transistor choice as per my application. I am...
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    IC package ground plane

    Ic package ground plane Inside an IC package, what is the purpose of ground plane. Is it connected to the backplane of substrate for biasing it. Is it useful only in high frequency RF circuits or required for low frequency analog and digital circuits also.
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    Output matching for cascode LNA

    I am designing a single stage source degenerated cascode LNA. I have understood most of it theory regarding input matching but dont understand how to do output matching of thi LNA ? Hope someone can explain it to me. Regards Vipul
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    Create opamp macromodel from hspice/spectre netlist

    Hi I am an analog ic designer and want a way to share my design IP netlist to some external customer without sharing actual netlist. I believe it can be done by using macromodel. But how to create one for say opamp block. Or is their any better method. Regards Vipul
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    Biasing analog circuit : Beta multiplier or Resistor bias

    Is it a good idea to use on chip resistor to provide biasing currents to the current mirrors in analog circuit ? Or should self biasing "beta multiplier" ckt be used to generate this biasing current always ???? Also what are the disadvantages of using the biasing resistor external to the...
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    Commercially available CFA IC in CMOS technology ????

    Does anybody knows about any commercially avaliable CFA (current feedback amplifier ) IC in CMOS technology ? The one's I know about are all in BJT or BiCMOS technologies like AD8001 , AD811 , LT1210 etc. Thanks Vipul
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    How to use ".LIN analysis" in HSPICE

    How can I use .lin analysis in HSPICE to measure the impedance or transimpedance using Z parameters? For .lin analysis "port" element are required to be used at the nodes where 2-port parameters need to be calculated. ANd this port element needs the value of "resistance" and "impedance" to be...
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    How to design this BUFFER ckt.

    How to source foll. BUFFER ckt. for CMOS CFA I am in process of designing a CMOS CFA ( current feedback amplifier ). And this is one of the buffer ckt architectures I have found from technical papers by C. Toumazou. But I am not able to DC bias this ckt to provide sufficient operating current...
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    On chip Reference voltage ckt for DAC

    Hi All I am designing a 3.3V DAC which requires a ref. voltage of 2.66 and 2.02 volts and these voltages must follow 3.3V power supply. plz suggest me some architecture of level shifter to implement this ref. ckt.
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    SPIE papers needed - request for papers

    SPIE papers needed 1. A. M. Fowler and I. Gatley, “Noise Reduction Strategy for Hybrid IR Focal Plane Arrays,” Proceedings of the SPIE, vol. 1541, pp. 127-133, Jul 1991. 2. S. Kavusi and A. El Gamal, “Quantitative Study of High-Dynamic- Range Image Sensor Architectures,” Proceedings of the...
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    Paper needed - Standardizing compact models for IC simulatio

    Paper needed Standardizing compact models for IC simulation Brooks, B. Circuits and Devices Magazine, IEEE Volume 15, Issue 4, Jul 1999
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    How to use MATLAB for pole zero analysis ?????

    pole zero analysis Can anyone tell is it useful to use MATLAB for doing pole zero ( stability ) analysis for opamp. Can i use values of pole-zeros given in .lis file of HSPICE to plot frequency analysis in MATLAB ???????? I find it difficult to do pole zero analysis in HSPICE and bode plot in...
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    Instrumentation amplifer design

    Plz advice me how to go ahead with my 3 -opamp INAMP design. i am not sure about how to decide UGB's of opamps to be used and how to do pole-zero and stability analysis of this structure ???????? any good study material if u know plz tell ????????
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    How to calculate linearity spec ????

    can anyone plz tell how to calculate the spec. of linearity in and opamp or in any circuit for that matter ????
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    how to simulate loop gain in HSPICE

    Can anyone plz tell how to simulate loop gain in HSPICE????? if possible plz suggest some reading material for it ???? How to use inductor and capacitor for it ????
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    Instrumentation amp paper

    C.M.R.R. analysis of the 3-op-amp instrumentation amplifier Smither, M.A.; Pugh, D.R.; Woolard, L.M. Electronics Letters Volume 13, Issue 20, September 29 1977 Pag
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    How to calculate CMRR in any differential circuit?

    Can anyone suggest the way to calculate CMRR in any differential ckt. .....and if it 's possible to before hand make aproximate calculation by hand before designing. Actually i want to make calculation for an Instrumentation amplifier???
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    Differential to single ended output conversion

    Can someone suggest me a suitable architecture to convert a differential signal into a single ended output ........if possible with a variable gain as in PGA ????
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    papers on imagers needed

    [1] S. Mendis, et al, Progress in CMOS Active Pixel Image Sensors , Proc. SPIE vol. 2172, pp. 19 (1994) [2] B. Dierickx, et al, Offset-free offset correction for active pixel sensors , Proc. 1997 IEEE CCD & AIS workshop, pp. R13 (1997) [3] J. Bogaerts, B.Dierickx, Total Dose Effects on...
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    Looking for some SPIE papers

    1. AlGaAs/GaAs quantum well infrared detectors using a waveguide with a doubly periodic grating coupler", Appl.Phys. Lett 59 (1991) p. 857-859. 2. J. Y. Andersson and L. Lundqvist, "Grating coupled quantumwell infrared detectors: Theory and performance", J. Appl. Phys. 71 (1992) p. 3600-3610...

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