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    design of a circuit to detect an audio signal from audio amplifier???

    Thanks for your interest. but I dont want to use extra poer supplies or DC for VCC for opamp,is it possible?? - - - Updated - - - Dear BraidTheRad if the output of the amplifier 100 volts ,what will be the out of this circuit ,and can i get a free contact signal from it without using any...
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    design of a circuit to detect an audio signal from audio amplifier???

    HI ALL; kindly help me to design a circuit to detect(supervise)the output of audio amplifier. the case is :there is for example 10 speakers concocted to the output of audio amplifier and i need to monitor this line for open circuit or short circuit or amplifier power off . what i need is when...
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    holography technology???

    Dear All; kindly any one know this technology tell us how to start study and is there any related chip or any thing????
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    media player without operating system

    you can install windows 98 or millinium
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    What are the features of PSOC?

    HI ALL I want know what is the psoc microcontrollers and its future trends and what is the difference betwen it and the other microcontroller like atmel,avr,pic thanks;
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    Difference between simulators@emulators

    difference between simulator and emulator Hi all I want to know what is the differensce between this simulators&emulators compiler&debugger assembler&linker and what is realy ment by real time systems with example please? thank u
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    future of embedded systems design at egypt

    vlsi egypt alsalmo 3alikom for the egyption engineers who interested in embedded in egypt,there is a good discussion on a group about the future of embedded at egypt and threr a suggestion to make a database on the engineers and companies in this field and also a suggestion for a meeting to...
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    Embedded systems in egypt

    embedded systems companies egypt alsalamo 3alikom i am tarek fathy electronics and comm - cairo unv-2004 grade :good i am now work in a factory as a maintainance engineer i have a good background on c++ and microcontroler but i have not woked in that field can i send the cv or what do u advise...
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    Embedded systems in egypt

    valeo smart village alsalmo 3alikom is bahgat groub still working in embedded sytems? and how to make projects from home? thanx
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    What is the main difference between embedded and microcontroller?

    Re: difference there is no difference the embedded system is a system yhat contaains an intellegent device like microcontroller or microprocessor and som interfaces
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    Question about voltage

    please need some notes what the type of the sensor?is it a thermocouple and what is the output voltage for a certain 1 celezious degree?] and is it linear or not? you will need a signal conditioning circuit and a software (you may need a table if the sensor is not linear) thanks
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    interview questions for embedded systems

    embedded system interview questions forums sorry i mean job interview thanx
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    interview questions for embedded systems

    questions on embedded systems Hello all members; can any one tell us some of the question that may face anyone in the interview(i.e microcontroller architecture,c++,tricks of programming and so on. Thanks for the great members of the forum
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    Links to books about C sharp

    if any one have books in c sharp please send
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    What is the ISP and how to make it on your own?

    Re: ISP Hello you can tru that writ ISP in the search textbox and u will get a lot of explanitions about isp
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    Looking for book titled Embedded Systems Building Block

    Hello all: if any body have a soft copy of this book please send to us EMBEDDED SYSTEMS BUILDING BLOCK by Jean J. Labbrosse tarekfathy2005(at)yahoo.com thanks
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    What is the IGPT and how can I use it to change the velocity of a motor?

    Hello all i want to know what is the IGPT and how can i use it to change the velocity of a motor then how can i use thyrestor to control a motor (on-off/right-left)and so on.............
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    small book in 8051 c programming

    hi all i want a small book in 8051 c programming thanks
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    Embedded system training course

    malaysia embedded systems courses alsalamo 3aliko i am also interested to this subject , but i think that a course online will not be good; but i suggest to make a group on yahoo for all the engineers in egypt who work in the field of embedded systems and exchange experience between us i...
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    Need any book on AVR MICROCONTROLLE

    hi all i want to know every thing about avr please send me abook or toturial to explain it want to know first is its instruction set like 8051 or not? is it 8 bit registers or not ? c lang like 8051?

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