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    My PIC program hangs probably because of memory issues

    my program hangs.... it is compiled and built successfully showing 44.45% program memory usage i am programming in C...should i consider page or compiler does it??? what is the stack limitation of PIC16F877a??? is calling a function in another function creating this problem??? i hav heard that...
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    motion control in a curve path

    i am trying to move my robot in a curve path.... i am using incremental encoder having 96 pulse per revolution and microcontroller PIC16F877a and a XTAL of 11.0592Mhz. how do i make this possible... i am trying to control two wheels simulatneosly...ie i hav given then required pulse per...
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    i am having problem with RB6 pin in PIC16F877a

    pic16f877a pin 39 i am using pin no. 39 (RB6) as an input pin using and enabled interrupt on change feature. while using other three pins(RB4-RB7 exvept RB6) as input the system has no problem...but when i use this pin as input the system doesnt always work properly..... the input is a pulled...
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    i am having linetracking problem

    hie... i used the proportional algorithm in linetracking. i used six lineracking sensors (phototransistors) and modified the algorithm as required. the problem i faced was when the distance between the sensors and wheel was 30cm the algorithm works fine but when i had to use the same...
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    how do i use 8bit lcd (jhd162a) in 4 bit mode using AT89s52

    lcd jhd162a how do i use 8bit lcd (jhd162a) in 4 bit mode using AT89s52 i have been using 8bit lcd in normal 8bot mode but i am not getting the idea how to select 4 bit mode and also not clear what else should i do to use in 4bit mode
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    generating pwm in a dedicated AT89S52 microcontroller

    at89s52 microcontroller i am trying to generate two pwm signals in a at89s52 microcontroller. i tried using timers interrupt and the program runs well in KEIL simulation and has problems while simulating in proteus as well as in bread board.. could anyone explain me what are the possible...
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    how do i control DC motor speed using dac and pwm

    pwm to dc with dac i am an engineering student and trying to make a robot.i have used motors to move the robot but want to vary the speed according to the need.

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