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    Configuring MCON register for DS5000T

    Hi, I am working with a DS5000T microcontroller. I am able to load intel hex files successfully into it. But when I am running it, nothing is happening. I wrote a program to blink an LED but nothing happens to my LED when I run my program. I suspect the MCON register is not set up properly. It...
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    Build AVR Programmer?

    avr programmer diy I recommend building one for two reasons: 1. Shipping from Europe to India (that is where I am from) is exorbitantly high and in many cases may be higher than the actual cost of the board. I am not too sure how it fares with the rest of the world. 2. Building your own...
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    Build AVR Programmer?

    avr programmer Hi, I too recently faced the same dilemma as you mentioned. I wanted to try out AVR quickly. For the programming SW, I am using PonyProg (www.lancos.com) but did not make the complicated circuit as mentioned in the lancos website. I got a much simpler circuit from a guy from...
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    Need details about ARM processor

    Re: ARM Processor Ever heard of google? Or ever heard of www.arm.com? ~seemanta P.S. Do not expect people would pour in their advice in pages when all the effort you are putting in is just 1 line. If you are too lazy to describe your problem then forget any help from this board.
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    Truly DIY MSP430 programmer...need some info

    msp430 programmer diy Hi, I am planning to create a DIY msp430 programmer. Better to put to use the free MSP430F2013IN samples I received of late. :D I have searched this forum and the web, but did not find a truly DIY version. Basically most of them are telling to get an olimex parallel-JTAG...
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    I am looking for schematics of simple robots for kids

    Re: robots for kids You can try this out: https://www.societyofrobots.com/programming_differentialdrive.shtml A differential drive robot which I guess the kids would enjoy! ~Seemanta
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    Looking for a all rounder 8051 variant with ADC/DAC/RTC etc.

    silicon labs 8051 rtc Hi, I have chosen the plain vanilla 8051(ATMEL AT89S52, to be precise) for all my projects till date. Using the plain vanilla was an excellent learning opportunity for me to get to know about interfacing many widely used peripherals. Now, however I do feel that I should...
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    89C51...a drop-in replacement for 87C51?

    I did not get what you meant by derivative though. Do you mean I can use both AT89S51 and AT89C51 as a replacement for the AT87C51? That would be simply great! :D regards, Seemanta
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    89C51...a drop-in replacement for 87C51?

    Hi, Can we use the 89C52 directly in place of the 87C52? I mean the code is 100% compatible I know, however are there any other caveats I may be ignoring? And still further, it seems that 89S52 is an enhanced In-System Programmable variant over 89C52. So, I should be able to replace the...

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