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    3d layout design software for PCB

    3d layout software it is a simulation software called CIRCUIT WIZARD you draw the schematic and it simulates it and converts it to pcb layout as in the picture https://www.new-wave-concepts.com/
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    3d layout design software for PCB

    Re: 3d layout software or u want like this Added after 58 minutes: OR LIKE THIS
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    3d layout design software for PCB

    Re: 3d layout software Do u mean like this you can also make it as a video with animation "like that one in this attachment"
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    interfacing IR receiver to 8051 uc

    interfacing infrared you can use bascom 8051 it is a basic compiler for 8051 it has a command called " getrc4" here is an example Dim New As Bit Dim Command As Byte , Subaddress As Byte Reset Tcon.0 'triggered by rising edge On Int0...
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    Firefly PCB done, (PIC ZIF socket & 16F88 Tutor) drawing

    pcb in sketchup hi all eventually i got electronic components fot sketchup i have 86 3d models all dip (8 to 40) resistors & caps and a lot of things there is also a web site for computer parts **broken link removed**
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    89xxxx programmer schematic do you want a programmer circuit
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    general question aboat free version spice...

    insert it as a picture like this
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    Links to AVR microcontroller tutorials

    AVR Tutorial http://www.avrbeginners.net/ AVR for beginners www.avr-asm-tutorial.net AVR assembly language tutorial http://www.microschematic.com "animation tutorial" www.avrfreaks.com Projects
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    Need schematic for door lock project with 8051 or AVR

    i want to do a door lock with 8051 or avr is there any schematic or link thanks
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    Final year project on motor control using PIC

    Re: Final year project look at this book Pic Robotics A Beginners Guide To Robotics Projects(Mcgraw) - by Iovine it has a lot of good projects with servo motors and other motors it uses basic to program pic so it is very easy i cant upload it here , it is very large if you want it dont...
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    JDM pic Programmer question

    jdm programmer db25 to db9 thank you i tried it and it worked very well
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    JDM pic Programmer question

    jdm pic programmer schematic hi all i wantto know if i can use serial port with 9 pins"DB9" with JDM programmer or not since it uses serial port with 25 pins "DB25" and i dont has this serial port in my pc https://images.elektroda.net/34_1159193920.gif...
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    Looking for a 8051 programmer

    Re: need 8051 programmer try these two programmers
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    can JDM programmer program pic16f84A

    hello i know that JDM programmer can program pic16f84 but i dont knowif it can program pic16f84A or not and if not,what is the best pic16f84A programmer Also what is the difference between pic16f84 and pic16f84A
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    how to program pic16f788 with JDM

    pic 16f788 sorry i meant pic16f877
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    how to program pic16f788 with JDM

    pic16f788 i want to know how to program pic16f788 with JDM when i visited JDM programmer website i found it doesnt support pic16f788 and when i visited ic-prog website i didnt find any schematic for pic16f788 please help with a schematic and software to program pic16f788
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    what is the simplest pic16f877 programmer

    but JDM doesnt suport 16f877 and i dont know anything abou bootloader i am a beginer and i want to now more about bootloader
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    what is the simplest pic16f877 programmer

    pic16f877 programmer what is the simplest pic16f877 programmer i looked at JDE programmer but it doesnt support pic16f877 chip i looked at ic prog and pony prog but they are not simple so what is the simplest programmer i also want epic programmer schematic please help
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    What language is better for PIC programming: C or Assembly?

    hello i need your advice i am beginer in pic i am learning it from "pic microcontroller project book" by "John Iovine" but this book is programing by "PICBasic" which is very easy and good but when i search the internet for pic projects i found a lot of good projects but the source code is in...
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    what is the difference between

    what is the difference between 8-bit microcontrollers and 16-bit microcontrollers and i am a beginer in pic so what shall i use:8-bit or 16-bit

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