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    What are the available alternatives for AutoCad on Linux?

    Re: AutoCad for linux no. varicad is not an alternative to Autocad. its a 3D modeling software. I need a software for engineering educational use. thank u.
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    What are the available alternatives for AutoCad on Linux?

    Hi all, I need an alternative to Autocad for linux for 2D and 3D designs , is there ? thanks
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    Seeking for "Electronic Design for floyd" solution

    Dear all , if one can help to find the solution manual for the text book " Electronic Design" by floyd 7th edition. thank you so much.
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    Programming a device driver , any help ?

    Please , I need to start learning about driver programming under linux . My need is to program driver for simple USB device, let a device that convert any integer to binary representation of 8 leds. My first view , the desired USB system is simple PIC 18F programmed, and the linux system...
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    Serial to USB converter problem ?!

    thank you hermin , Under "Ports(COM &LPT) there is nothing , but under "Universal serial bus" there is some USB controlers not related to a serial port the converter is corectly defined in the system , but its not defined as COM port , is there a tool that define this ? please help me !
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    Serial to USB converter problem ?!

    thank you Polymath, yes , I did , but the same problem , the converter doesn't appeare as COM port. In windows XP , nothing match what you said , where can I set the COM port number, anf for what device should I set this number ? thank you for help
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    Serial to USB converter problem ?!

    Dear all , I have just bought a Serial to USB converter so as my laptop doesn't have a serial port , the first time i connect this convert , XP started to find a driver , it found and every thing is okay , but later , when I plug this converter with the USB PC , I heared the XP tone which...
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    USB Inerface desgin project

    thank you recursos , I can substite the led into a rely with suitable current, but I think that the subject still not clear . do you have more resources especially in building the driver... thank you again
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    USB Inerface desgin project

    jelectronique usb Dear all, Please , I need help in interfacing a USB port for simple project , to do the following : the interface should be connected to PC USB port and receive an order to switch a relay. what basic component should I have ? How the XP OS should treat this driver ,and...

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