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    How can I convert netlist to layout design ?

    Re: layout design Hi, For getting a layout from a netlis we can go for either full custom(Devlop physical cells from scratch) or Semi-Custom(Use already prepared cells). Its not a single step;Hence we call ASIC flow. We have to follow a series of steps. floorplanning,place and Route, DRC,LVS...
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    Xilinx FPGA reseller's in india

    Hi CG-Coreel is the VAR for Xilinx in India. I am giving the contacts below. CG-CoreEl Programmable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. # 21, 7th Main, 1st Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560034, INDIA. Mail:xilinxsales@cg-coreel.com Phone: 91-80-25528942
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    What is metastability and how to take care of avoiding it ?

    Re: metastability Hi, Even if set-up and hold times are not met, metastability may occur.So we have to make sure that we dont violate set-up and hold times. regards
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    Meaning of 90nm,130nm,150nm etc.,

    Hi Srilu, It is the length on the channel in the transistor. Each technology has a fixed length like 90 nm ,130 nm etc. So when new technology comes like 65 nm we are decreasing the channel lenghts which means decreasing the device geometries which enables in packing more...

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